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My Review of Christy Sloat's Court of Savages


𝑪𝑶𝑼𝑹𝑻 𝑶𝑭 𝑺𝑨𝑽𝑨𝑮𝑬𝑺 by 𝗖𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝘁𝘆 𝗦𝗹𝗼𝗮𝘁
High atop a mountain crest sits the grand Gahana Royal Hotel. The world’s most elite are dying to see what lies beyond its iron gates, yet only a select few earn an invitation.
How do they find themselves on that exclusive VIP list? By being truly monstrous human beings capable of the most fiendish acts. Once an invitation is extended, the evaluation begins. The Court of Savages thrive off the hunt, the thrill of the chase and the delight of the feast. Yet they adhere to a strict code. Never will they harm a human who is innocent, good, or reformed. Their beastly pallets require the most vile of beings and an invitation to the secretive resort has just been extended to London Stiles. Can she prove there’s enough goodness in her to save, or will her check-out date be postponed indefinitely?

Review of Christy Sloat's Court of Savages:

Deep in the forests of Maine lies the Grand Gahana Royal Hotel, a luxury resort with all the amenities...and so much more. It is also Home to the Court of Savages, and they want blood...specifically the blood of the most vile, evil, human beings on earth.
Christy Sloat pulls you into her incredible world with a masterful tale of pain, suffering, and karma. By far this is one of my favorite books she has written and the beautifully broken characters between the pages.'s put down.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Vendetta cover reveal by Stacey Rourke


Title: Vendetta, Veiled Book 3
Author: Stacey Rourke
Cover Designer: The Illustrated Author
Launching: May 14th
Splashed across every media outlet are claims I’m a violent murderer. A menace to society that must be stopped at all cost.

I… would love to see them try.

An enemy of the Nosferatu hides in plain sight. His lone goal– to watch the world burn. As the newly appointed vampire queen, I’m done allowing my people to suffer for his twisted agenda.

Dorian Gray thinks he knows pain.

He believes he owns the market on public manipulation.

He hunkers under the belief that his power and status make him untouchable.

I can’t wait to prove him wrong.

A darkness has rooted itself in me, one older than the first vampiric bloodline. An unimaginable strength courses through my veins, and I will use it to make Dorian bow before me. They call me the Dragon Queen, and I own the title. Because I, alone, know that the malevolent essence within me is one no man could ever tame

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Meet Lee Ryder Author! 

The five people that I’d love to sit down to dinner with.

As a writer the list of people I’d like to sit down to dinner with is very long. However, I want to share with you my top five and why they inspire me.
The first ones come from two of my favorite TV shows and the reason I’d love to sit down to dinner with them and pick their brains is because they are in an industry where beautiful are adored and these folks are all truly comfortable in their own skin.
Matthew Gray Gubler plays Spencer Reid on Criminal Minds, he’s tall, he’s thin, and he plays a genius on TV. He has described his home as living in a haunted tree house, he’s got a collection of kimonos,  and he paints nouveau artwork. Why is he on my list, it’s simple. This man embodies everything Hollywood is not. He is comfortable in his skin and has had a wildly successful run in his show.
Kirsten Vangsness, this beautiful woman plays Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. Her character has ever changing hairstyles and looks with big bulky jewelry and she carries it all off with a great big smile. I completely admire her because she is in an industry where size 0 is actually considered acceptable. Size 0 is not a size and people will starve themselves to get there so the producers and directors are happy.
Pauly Perrette, this gorgeous bombshell plays Abby on the award winning  television show NCIS. Her character is quirky, intelligent, and has the coolest tattoos. She’s also loveable with a heart of gold!
Why are these 3 people important to me? These 3 people are comfortable in their own skin, and they make it work for them (REALLY WELL) in a world that idolizes beauty (look at the news stand the next time you pass it) We see it everywhere, the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated is one of the top selling magazines every year. Why? Because you have beautiful women in bathing suits on every page.
I get on a soap box because the world needs to start seeing what’s inside people, instead of their outside. You can be a beautiful person outside, but if you’re ugly inside what does that make you? I was overweight and not the best looking person in high school and I was ridiculed for it. I’m still very bitter about it, but I know now that I wouldn’t be the beautiful person today if I hadn’t seen the ugly side of people.
That’s the case in most high schools, and that’s what we should not be teaching our children. Matthew, Kirsten, and Pauley are positive role models people should look up to. These are the people who are beautiful inside. (No I’m not saying the rest of the cast is ugly.) We need to look for the beauty inside people and that is so important to me. I’d love to sit down to dinner with them and see what their world views are, how they kept their positivity to become the amazing people they are today. These three people inspire me.
These two other ladies are connected as well. They worked together to help the world be a better place and they died within months of each other.
Princess Diana is has been and always will be an icon for her style, for her beauty, for being a royal, but most importantly for the work she did in the world. She worked with charities such as UNICEF and to ban land mines in war torn countries. She worked to make the world better for our children and people forget all these amazing things she did. Now her children William and Harry are doing the same thing and changing the face of the British Monarchy forever. They are breaking the rules, Diana was a hands on mom and that’s been passed down to her son William and that’s an incredible thing.
She also worked with the children’s hospitals, AIDS hospitals, and the Arts. The arts are so important because they teach children math and science in a different way, like baking is just chemistry you can eat and music teaches about resonance and sound.
Mother Theresa has always fascinated me, her work with the poor in particular and trying in little ways to make their lives better has always inspired me. In my own life I try to make everyone’s better in the little ways. People forget that the little things count. Something she said once really intrigued me, did you know that Mother Theresa herself was not sure about the existence of a God. She called him The Absent One. She once said "I am told God loves me -- and yet the reality of darkness & coldness & emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul." Yet she had great faith and that pulled me through my own crisis of Faith when I lost my child. I would love to meet her and thank her for doing that for me. She was such an inspirational and amazing lady.
If I were to sit down with these amazing people, I would be a happy woman. All of them change the world in a positive way and that’s what I hope to do as well. That’s what I try to do every day, one simple act at a time. Did you know it takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown, and that a smile can be a game changer for people in a bad mood? Try it! Don’t be afraid to say hello to someone at the store, offer them a kind word, or a simple smile. Thank those veterans you see walking around with hats on, I’ve taught my children to do just that. These simple acts are what change the world. There are billions of humans on this Earth could you imagine what would happen if we did at least 1 simple human act of kindness every day? 

Meet Lee Ryder's Books!

The Broken Earth Series

It all began with a war.....
Jess’ world changed when the outbreak killed her family. Now a war between gangs has driven her and her friends into the wilderness to survive, or die. They have no idea of where they are, or which direction to go. Driven by hope they move forward looking for peace and plenty.

Follow their amazing story in The Broken Earth Series

The Award nominated bestselling
 Carnival of Darkness Series

Have you ever been witness to something dark. I mean darkness that is like the blackest pits of hell? Travel down the rabbit hole with Best Selling Author Lee Ryder into her award nominated Carnival of Darkness then travel even deeper down with more sinister characters in Carnival of Lost Souls

Don't read it in the dark

The Unspoken Truth

Two women, 

two centuries,
one murder.
When a mystery from decades ago causes past and present to collide, will they find the answer to an innocent woman's death, or will it remain forever hidden. 
The answer lies in

The Unspoken Truth

And Finally....
Save Me

When a sudden tragedy takes her brother away from her, Dani Matheson dedicates her life to saving others as a lifeguard on the beaches of California.
Then everything changes when a devastating Cancer diagnosis sends Dani's life into an unending downward spiral.
Can true love pull her from the dangerous waters she's in or will she drown in the loss of all she ever knew.

Based on true events from the author's life....

About The Author:

Alden , NY Native and Amazon Best Selling award nominated author Lee Ryder knew she wanted to be an author very early on. From the time she began to read she knew and cherished the amazing worlds that could be brought to life in books.

She started writing in elementary school and never stopped. Her work was published in many small works throughout the year. Her writing blossomed in high school when she was published in the school literary magazine "Between The Lines."

When she isn't creating new worlds for her characters to live in she's spending time with her family or crafting. She's a firm believer in Random Acts of Kindness and spreading love in the world wherever she can.

You can find her here: 
Amazon Page:

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  The First Secret (Hidden Portals trilogy Book 2) Some secrets are best left buried. All Iris ever wanted was to have a peaceful life. Living mostly in solitude, she found joy in helping young girls accept the beauty of song and dance. She never expected her visions, inherited from generation to generation in her family, to take her on a journey where everything she’s known is in question, including her existence. If she is not a human witch, then what is she? Fern spent his entire life trying to do what’s right for his people. The Fae, banished to their own realm, have been slowly dying but agreeing to help the deranged king almost costs him his life. Now he must follow a witch, who isn’t supposed to exist, to the depths of hell. Those like her were hunted down centuries ago. So, why is he willing to do anything, to make sure she stays alive?

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Happy Release Day to Danielle Bannisters The First 100 Kisses!

"I have a huge favor to ask."

Chloe Clark, a thirty-something waitress, and Liam McGeary, her socially awkward bestie of seven years, were close. Movie nights with popcorn, coffee shop catch-ups, and take out Tuesdays. Their friendship was unique. Zero sparks. Perfectly platonic. 

Until Liam asked Chloe for help with a problem. A problem he only trusted his bestie to teach him: help with kissing. He had a date with a former high school sweetheart and he was embarrassingly...inexperienced. 

Although Chloe was shocked by the request, Liam wasn’t hard on the eyes and she did love to kiss. Helping him was a no-brainer. He just needed the first 100 kisses under his belt, then he’d be all set for his date. 

What Chloe hadn’t counted on, was liking it. A favor that started out as a play-book of moves quickly turned into something dangerously steamy. 
Something neither one of them were prepared for.

The First 100 Kisses- a novella by Danielle Bannister (AVAILABLE NOW)

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About Danielle Bannister

Danielle Bannister lives with her two children in Midcoast Maine along with her precious coffee pot and peppermint mocha creamer. She holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Southern Maine and her Master's degree in Literary Education from the University of Orono. Her writing includes: a collection of short stories called Short Shorts, The Twin Flames Trilogy: Pulled, Pulled Back, and Pulled Back Again, The ABC's of Dee, Enigma, Doppelganger, and Must Love Coffee. She's also co-authored a fantasy novel with Amy Miles called Netherworld and Hollow Earth. Book three will be available later this year. She has also written The Lurkers Within, which is located in the Havenwood Falls Series. When she's not on the stage, on the page, or engrossed in a good book, you'll find her binge-watching all the Netflix. As one does.

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Devil's Den: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller (A Nephilim Thriller Book 1)

A former spy with a dark secret and a past he can’t outrun. A mysterious cult that steals beautiful teenagers. A looming battle between the forces of light and dark, and the girl who drags them into the middle of it all. D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review, says, “Readers who enjoy an injection of the supernatural rather than a story based entirely on otherworldly forces will appreciate just the right blend of paranormal tension and intrigue that bring this thriller to life.... [A] vivid, winning tale of a former couple’s confrontation with themselves, each other, and a wider-ranging threat that grabs the reader from the beginning and proves nearly impossible to put down. Thriller audiences will find Devil’s Den more than a notch above others in the genre.” [Pick of the Month - September 2018] WINNER: Pinnacle Book Achievement Award - Summer 2018 - Best Thriller Steven Cabbott sees demons, and has even had to fight a few. That might have something to do with his past. His mother killed his father when Steven was young, claiming he was a demon. He figured she was nuts. Now he’s not so certain. Sixteen years of silence between Steven and Kate, the love of his life, end with a cryptic one-word message: Help! A mysterious cult has kidnapped Kate’s teenaged daughter. Steven risks everything to save the young woman, but he’s caught in a fight between forces much larger than he can imagine. Can he overcome his own demons to save Kate’s daughter, or will they both fall victim to the Devil’s Den?

Buy on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

Pre-order Devil's Dance: A Gripping Supernatural Thriller (A Nephilim Thriller Book 2) An amazing new technology engineered to make people smarter, a series of gruesome murders, and a mystery so dark, it threatens everyone. I'm a Nephilim, born of a fallen angel father and a human mother. This makes me special in ways I don't fully comprehend yet. A war is brewing between angels and demons, and like it or not, we'll all have to choose sides. I've chosen the side of angels, a curious decision for me, not only because I'm a killer, but because I enjoy killing. Still, an angel promised me that redemption is possible—even for me—and he needed warriors on his side. Did he tell me the truth? I hope so, but who can I trust? In a small, sleepy, tourist town, an old friend asks me to help solve a series of gruesome murders that have been plaguing the town, but these aren't just random crimes. Somehow, they're connected to this war between angels and demons. I prefer working alone, not having to worry about others, but I team up with a self-described anti-technology hooligan, and a beautiful bartender I immediately fall for. If only they knew what I know. The foe we're facing is way more powerful than anything they can imagine. I must solve the mystery before it's too late, because I'm certain of this one thing: everyone's soul is at stake.

Pre-order on Amazon

Jeff Altabef lives in New York with his wife, two daughters, and Charlie the dog. He spends time volunteering at the writing center in the local community college. After years of being accused of "telling stories," he thought he would make it official. He writes in both the thriller and young adult genres. Fourteenth Colony, a political thriller, was his debut novel. Shatter Point, a thriller, published by Evolved Publishing was his second novel. It won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Thriller, Fall 2014. -- Mandie Stevens Interested in a Social Media Campaign for your Book Or Product? I work with a team of bloggers. Ask me how!


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The World of Ato by Patrick Borosky

Ato was never one to shy away from adventure. She traveled her small world with her friend Reed to discover lands that others could only dream about. However, unlike Reed who sought to unravel the mysteries of the world, Ato had a different reason for her adventures - her art. 

It was her deepest desire to share her art with others and show them the entire world, but that was before she met Iro. The tiny dragon opens the door that leads Ato into her art and into a world of her own creation.

Get it NOW at