Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Indie month

With the holidays coming I decided to give Indie authors some exposure. Sometimes when you buy a book from a well known author you're missing something awesome from an indie author. There are some really amazing Indie books out there by some amazing authors! So this season, instead of buying a book by a well known author consider trying something new like books by children's authors like

Wendy Nystrom

Cindy Springsteen

Jodi Brooks Stone

How about a story by a young adult author like Christy Sloat?

 Or an adventure story by Brae Wyckoff.

 Try out Days Gone Bad by Eric Asher.

 Other authors to check out are Becki Brannen

Adam Gaffen

Jessica O Gorek

Stacey Rourke 

 Jill Prand

Ben Daniels

 How about a true life crime book by RJ Parker?

 Or a Steamy Paranormal romance by TM Scott  

You could always try out the Species Intervention Series by JK Accinni

 How about a Zombie Novel By CM Wright?

or if you want to read a touching story try the true life stories of love and loss by Jamie Gibson, and Raebeth Mcgee-Buda.

Do you like reading blogs? Then you should Check out Sarah Fae Graham's blog Fae Books where you can meet even MORE Indie authors!!

 These are just some of the books authors and blogs you will see featured here on my blog during the month of December!!!

Monday, November 18, 2013

CM Wright The Zombie Queen!

I had the awesome privilege of interviewing none other than CM WRIGHT the Zombie queen. She's such a talented author and a great friend of mine. So without further Adieu here is her amazing interview:

Lee: So why zombies?

CM    I've been in love with zombies (not THAT kind of love!) since I was a little girl and my mom took me to the movies to see Night Of The Living Dead by George Romero. As far as I know, that was the first time I had been exposed to zombies. I love them because they truly scared me, unlike vampires and werewolves and all other paranormal creatures...but one, and because I can honestly see a zombie outbreak happening. Not sure if it would be a total takeover like it's portrayed everywhere, but I do believe it can happen...if it hasn't already (bathsalts)

Lee: So who is the main character of the Zombie Overload series?

     CM: Canada

Lee: What's her story?

    CM: Canada is a 36 year-old slightly overweight housewife and mom, who is a zombie-freak  before the apocalypse actually happens. In her mind, she was the ultimate bad-ass when fantasizing about a zombie outbreak. Then when it really happens, she realizes that things aren't going to go as she had planned, and maybe she's not so tough.

 Lee: Which character do you identify with the most?

CM: Canada

Lee: Which character do you love to hate?

     CM: Sara

Lee: Which character / scene was the most fun to write?
     CM: Most fun character was, of course, Canada. But I can't pick just one scene! There were so many. But I will control myself and just pick one The scene when Canada first meets Jake and they go in to clear out an armory and get weapons. Canada tells him off and then lifts the gun to his head. I had a great time with that one!

Lee: Your cover is stunning, who is the zombie girl on there?

     CM:  Trisha Wilko, my very good friend. She is also very beautiful, which people will see on future covers that are not zombie-related.  Go like her facebook page and look at all her crazy, beautiful, and amazing photos

 Lee: Is there a story behind each cover?

      CM: If there is, it's her story; not mine.

Lee: Tell me a little about the compilation project you just did and the charity it's going to? 

       CM: The short story collection, Zombie Addiction, is a compilation of zombie shorts from many different authors. Some are just that, beginning and ending stories. Some are teasers from a much larger book or series. The authors are: Me (of course!), Timothy Benoit, Dovey Mayali Cralk, Kelly J. Erickson, John Stagman, Janiera Eldridge, GB Banks, Mark Mackey, S. Cu'Anam Policar, Lizbeth Fallon, and hmmm, YOU, maybe? LOL Yes, definitely Ms. Lee Ryder! Noel Crask may soon be included in the lineup as well.  The proceeds from this collection are going to help those who have an Orphan Disease, a disease considered rare. Because it is a rare disease, not enough profit can be made to justify producing the medications and supplies that can save their lives.

  Lee: What paranormal creature would you be if you could be any one?

     CM: None, Really!

Lee: What weapon would you love to have in a Zombie apocalypse? 

      CMGun. I'm a shooter, doubt I'm strong enough to kill with a weapon that depends on strength because of 18pt Fibromyalgia

Lee: Who would you want fighting with you?

      CM: My family 

Lee: What's the most important thing you need in a zombie apocalypse?

      CM: Well, brains...to use, not to feed the zombies with.

 Lee: Your cover picture is amazing is there a story behind the location you picked?

       CM: The cover pictures were made long before I wrote the series. You will have to ask Trisha  about that.

        Lee: Who inspires you?

       CM: My family and my fans?

Lee: What's your favorite TV show?

       CM: The Walking Dead. (As if you didn't know!!) 

Lee: Do you have to have certain conditions to write?

       CM: Not really.

Lee: What's your favorite song?

       CM: I have a ton, but my most favorite...the one I will stop what I'm 
               doing and bust a move for....is Thriller, of course!

Lee: Would you like to say anything to your fans? 

        CMI absolutely LOVE you all! You are more than anonymous fans to me, you are friends who have been there for me during my worst times, and during my best. Thank you so much for being so supportive and loving. I couldn't do this without you–Hell! Why would I want to? LOL Seriously, I truly do have the best fans ever! 

And we sure do love you!! CM is one of my favorite authors and an amazing and wonderful friend of mine! Check out her books! 

Here is some more info on the fabulous CM Wright:

Wife and mother who recently moved from Decatur, IL to outside Skidmore, MO. She loves all things zombie and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead. She likes to laugh and make others laugh, so she does her best to bring that to her readers...for the Zombie Overload series anyway. Eventually, she is planning to write about other creatures that go bump in the night.

Note from Author:
Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and extra thanks if you have read, or plan to read, my book(s). Lastly, please leave a review for ALL books that you read. Reviews are important to continuing book series, and other work, from writers you love.
I always answer emails, messages, and questions from fans. Don't believe me? Email me here writercmwright@live.com

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