Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Indie month

With the holidays coming I decided to give Indie authors some exposure. Sometimes when you buy a book from a well known author you're missing something awesome from an indie author. There are some really amazing Indie books out there by some amazing authors! So this season, instead of buying a book by a well known author consider trying something new like books by children's authors like

Wendy Nystrom

Cindy Springsteen

Jodi Brooks Stone

How about a story by a young adult author like Christy Sloat?

 Or an adventure story by Brae Wyckoff.

 Try out Days Gone Bad by Eric Asher.

 Other authors to check out are Becki Brannen

Adam Gaffen

Jessica O Gorek

Stacey Rourke 

 Jill Prand

Ben Daniels

 How about a true life crime book by RJ Parker?

 Or a Steamy Paranormal romance by TM Scott  

You could always try out the Species Intervention Series by JK Accinni

 How about a Zombie Novel By CM Wright?

or if you want to read a touching story try the true life stories of love and loss by Jamie Gibson, and Raebeth Mcgee-Buda.

Do you like reading blogs? Then you should Check out Sarah Fae Graham's blog Fae Books where you can meet even MORE Indie authors!!

 These are just some of the books authors and blogs you will see featured here on my blog during the month of December!!!

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