Monday, September 30, 2013

Spotlight on S Cu'Anam Policar and her new release The Rise Of Xosha

Hello everyone! I recently had a chance to sit down with Pyre
Oceanus’ younger brother, born to the second clutch their parents had. While age wise, he is considered an adult, his actions deem him an adolescent in Oceanus’ eyes. Pyre can be brave, and is always stubborn. Being a red dragon, Pyre can control and manipulate fire at will. He is just one of the stars of S Cu'Anam Policar's newest Release The Rise of Xosha. Let me tell you folks he's one of a kind! Here's the awesome interview this amazing (and hot...LITERALLY) Guy gave to me!

Lee : What is your favorite part of your journey?
 Pyre: Fighting the Anjyls! Man you should have seen the look on Oceanus' face when I ripped that one Anjyl's throat out to save his sorry blue butt! 
Lee: What was the hardest part of the journey? 
Pyre: All that flying! There were times we had to fly for days without stopping to rest because there was no where to land. The Sapphire Sea is very very big. I don't think any of us knew exactly how big until we had to fly across it.. 
Lee: Which person would you fry in a heartbeat? 
Pyre: Elrur. It's his fault the war started.. Him and that damned Shai'Daemon Fury... I'll avenge the pack and the horde sooner or later. 
Lee: What are your special skills? 
Pyre: I can control fire. I can create it out of thin air. In my natural form I can spit it at people, in my Dragonian form, I can create it in my hands. It's kinda cool really. 
Lee: Which one is your favorite? 
Pyre: I only have one. Unless you count how bad ass I am with my talons and teeth! 
Lee: Which one do you hate to have?
Pyre: I love my ability. I'd hate to not have it! -chuckle-
Lee: If there was one skill you could have what would it be?
Pyre: I think it would be Rose's ability of spirit. Then I'd be pretty much unstoppable! Any love interests in the book? 
Pyre: Rose. She's my best friend, my mate, and will be the mother of my whelps. I'd be lost without her. 
Lee: Do you have anything to say to your fans? 
Pyre: -flex- You haven't seen the last of me ladies. Have no fear, I'll come haunt your dreams for a long time! 
S. Cu'Anam: -eye roll- I really think I need to get him a muzzle....

And Now a little bit about the mind behind the Rise Of  Xosha 
S Cu'Anam Policar

Lee: What inspired The Rise Of Xosha? 
Cu: A dream I had when I was 7. It never went away and I started writing them down and there was a story there. It made me write it lol 
Lee: Which character is most like you? 
Cu: None of them. I'm sure each character has a bit of me in them, but for the most part they are all their own entities. 
Lee: What inspired the main character? 
Cu: The dreams. I guess they inspired themselves really. I dreamt about them all. 
Lee: Does the name Xosha have special meaning for you?
Cu: No. It's just the name that was whispered to me for where I was in the dream lol 
Lee: Which person or people inspire you they can be dead or living? 
Cu: I guess my grandmother inspired me the most. She always believed me in me and never let me be upset when people would put my writing down. 
Lee: If you had 5 songs that could be the soundtrack of your life what would they be? 
Cu: LOL! I hate questions like this. 1) Dumb it Down by Lupe Fiasco, 2)Bring Me to Life by Evanescence, 3)If You Still Believe by Elsa Raven, 4) Tourniquet by Evanescence, 5) Versions of Violence by Alanis Morrisette. Those songs can pretty much sum up how I think and how my life's been >^.^< 
Lee: Anything on the horizon coming? 
Cu: Yes! I'm working on the first book in a horror series. The book's called Little Girl Lost and was inspired by my daughter and her crazy imagination lol. AND The Dawning of the Three, the first official book of the Legend of Xosha series is due to release in January >^.^< 
Lee: What would you say to your fans?
Cu: You guys have amazed me with the out pour of support through this entire endevour. I wouldn't be here with you guys and I want you all to know I love you all from the bottom of my heart >^.^< Thank you for being epic and for giving me a chance! >^.^< 

Now a little Teaser for you guys from The Rise Of Xosha:

Obsidian's reverie was cut short as she realized her own grave error. “Pyre watch out!” She yelled
Pyre snapped his head in the direction of Obsidian's frantic yell, but indeed he had been too late. A flurry of white feathers slammed into his right flank sending him spiraling out of the sky.
His talons ripped into the side of the feathered beast, which returned the gesture in kind as their forms, a ball of red scale and white feather continued their less than graceful dive.
“This ends now dragon!” the feathered one hissed in a feminine voice as her talons dug into Pyre's flank.
Pyre growled low in his throat as he finally shook the Anjyl off. “Why are you doing this?! Your kind and mine are practically cousins. Why turn on us like this?”
A laugh akin to the tinkling of bells left the feathered dragon, her gray depths burned into the dragon's with malice.
“Your kind is thorn in our sides. We cannot fully control the 'God' fearing creatures with you around.”
Pyre had heard enough, he flew at the Anjyl and gripped her left wing in with his front taloned paws, his back ones came to land on the feathered female's underside where his talons dug deeply in.  His back legs gave a sharp kick outward as his front legs pulled the wing toward his own body.

 The Anjyl's eyes widened. Her sleek feathered head shook vigorously back and forth causing the thick standalone whiskers on either side of her muzzle to dance in the wind. Then, she gave out of a blood curdling screech of pain as the sound of popping bone, tissue, and feathered flesh broke through the howl of the rushing wind.
A smirk crossed Pyre's maw as he released the now useless wing. “Your kind will never be better than us Anjyl. If you survive, tell your Oni we will not fall prey to you... Hunt us again and it will be the Anjyl's that become the prey!”
He kicked out once more letting his wings unfurl to catch the upward current of the wind. His talons mucked with feathers, flesh, and gore, he gave a shrug knowing he had wasted his breath. Even as he watched, his wings giving the occasional flap to keep himself aloft, The Anjyl was falling. When she hit the water head first and did not resurface he knew it had been an wasted effort.
Above him, where the rest of the fighting sectors of the horde were, he heard growls and the clash of talons. Angling himself he began his ascent back to his brother's side, dodging the many breaths of acid, and the falling of Anjyls.
“I'm glad you're okay Pyre.” Oceanus grunted as Pyre came up beside him.
 Pyre latched his maw on the neck of the large Anjyl male that was trying very much in vain to knock Oceanus from the sky. “I told you I can take care of myself.”  Was the muffled reply as the male went limp in Pyre's jaw.
Pyre let the Anjyl drop to join his kin in the bottom of the ocean. Pyre's amber depths noted the purple hue to the once blue water and had to wonder to himself if it would ever return to normal after this fight.


Author Bio:
S.Cu'Anam Policar was born in Brooklyn, NY, but now lives in Washington State. The Mother of three she makes time to write, usually late at night.
An avid reader, she not only writes but helps promote other authors with blog tours and reviews of their books.
She is Pagan but respects all religions and believes everyone should celebrate their similarities and not care about their differences.
When she has the time, she enjoys playing video games, horseback riding, singing, and writing things other than her Legend of Xosha Series.
She absolutely loves to make new friends so don't be afraid to come by and hi on facebook!

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