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Symphoni by T.M. Scott

I had the privilege of sitting down with the author of an excellent book "Symphoni" by T.M. Scott. I also had the treat of interviewing 2 of her characters Greg, and the beautiful leading lady herself, Symphoni.


Lee : Symphoni, what is it like having a mortal for a    boyfriend

Symphoni: *She thinks as she leans against Greg* Great. But very frustrating,    sometimes. Always thinking of the many many ways his life could be ended...    Its a lot of pressure. 

Lee:Greg, you have a demi goddess for a girlfriend. Does that drive you crazy? 

Greg: (Laughing) Absolutely. Just think... she gets mad, someone might die. She gets happy... someone might die. And because shes a teen girl... she's ALWAYS either happy... or mad! *she shoves him* See what I mean?  

Lee: Symphoni is a beautiful name, where did it come from? 

Symphoni: Ares actually have it to me. He said when I was created all the elements sang! The God Of War Is Corny as hell.   

Lee : Symphoni If you suddenly became mortal, what would be the first thing you would do? 

Symphoni: Oh! *she sits up excitedly* I would initially freak out, but I imagine I            would go to a spa. Being touched the way I am now... its pretty intense. The sensations in my body... it would be nice to just relax and get a massage without all that energy trying to burst out. 

Lee : Greg, what god like power would YOU like to have? 

Greg: * grins wide* 
Symphoni: *she laughs* Dont get gross! 
Greg: *smiles* Immortality definitely. Ive died once... it sucked ass.  

Lee: What was the first thing you noticed about each other? 

Symphoni & Greg answer together: Eyes.  

Lee: Symphoni, what one thing turns you on about Greg? 

Symphoni: His sense of humor and personality. Hes strong and brave, an athlete but still awkward in a way. Its pretty funny!   

Lee : Greg what do you love about Symphoni? 

Greg: This awesome thing she does with her tongue when we- OUCH! *Symphoni punches his arm* ALRIGHT! I love her smile. It lights up the world when I see it. 


Lee: Do you guys want to say anything to your fans? 

Greg: Things are about to get insane in the next book! I hope you'll stick around to read more about my awesomeness and how awesome I am at being      !  

Symphoni: Always the modest one. *kisses his cheek* WE hope you'll stick around to read more about our adventures!

Now moving on to the lovely and super talented Tianna Scott: 

Lee: Who is your favorite character? 

Greg: Me! 
Symphoni: me of course! The book is named after me!
Tianna: Kassandra 
Greg and Symphoni: WHAT?! 
Tianna: I just love her! 
Greg: She killed me! 
Tianna: Next question!  

Lee : Any teasers on your next book?

TM Scott : Of course!! Heres a snippet from the second book in the Eros Sisters Series... Hope you enjoy!!

“Yo, Babe.” Dennis came bobbing into view and I felt myself relaxing. I didn’t blame Joi for how she reacted around me, my energy attracting her like a moth to a crazy bright light. Her eyes dimmed as she blinked confused, shooting me a quick apologetic look before leaping off the counter and throwing herself into Dennis' arms.

“Gods I've missed you.” her words sounding muffled as she whispered them into his neck. Dennis gave her a quick kiss on the cheek, his arms wrapped around her as he shot me an accusatory glare.

“What?” I asked with my hands raised in defense.

“You know what!”

“hey Hey hey! She came at me, dude. Innocent!” He rolled his eyes.

“You parade around in your underwear and you wonder why, dick head? Don t you think you BOTH” He swatted her on the ass. “should wear more clothes around each other?” He had a damn point but of course I couldn’t say that.

“Yo momma dont have a problem with it.” He rolled his eyes. UGH!

“Shes always had poor taste.” Joi laughed and pulled away from him.

“Chill you guys. Greg... Sorry I almost raped you.” Shaking my head, I waved her off and pulled my food from the microwave.

“Dont worry about it. Its not like its the first time and I doubt itll be the last.” That was an understatement. I'd been struggling to control myself for the past few months, a fact apparent from my ever changing eyes, but I could never seem to tap it down completely. Which means two things. 1) Symphoni will constantly have to threaten women and 2) Joi will always attack me at random times and I will always fend her off because I'm a faithful boyfriend and will never find Joi attractive in the least.

“Greg.” Dennis said sounding disgruntled.


“That wood better not be from my girlfriend.” Ok. So she was a little sexy.

“Dude. I cant always control it.”

“Well get rid of it!”

“What the fuck do you want me to do with it? Take it off and stick it in the drawer?”

“Think unsexy thoughts!”

“Say what?”

“Quick! Picture your grandmother ass naked running through a corn field!” Of course didn’t want to think about it but the moment the words left his mouth, the picture sprang into my mind.

“OH GODS NO!” I shouted, trying to think of something ANYTHING else but the image was burned forever into my psyche. “What the hell did you say that for?!” He chuckled.

“Naked Grandmothers are instant wood erasers.”

“Go to hell, Dennis.” I glared at him and snatched up my plate, stomping into the living room to chow down. 


Lee : Is there any of you in the character Symphoni? If not which character is the heart of TM Scott?

Tianna: Physically, Symphoni is actually inspired by my cousin, Tiarra. Um... The heart of TM Scott will likely lie in both Dennis and Greg. The awkward dorkiness of the banter is very similar to how I talk and act. The food that Symphoni eats is from me... my favorite foods. Lol.

Lee: Who is / are the people who inspire you? 

Tianna: My daughter Ariyanna inspires me. I want to write things that show her that its ok to be who you are. A woman can be strong and awkward and still be beautiful. I want her to bask in her weirdness and not be ashamed of who she is.  

Lee : Is there anyone in your life you’d like to thank? 

Tianna: Ariyanna again. I want to thank her for coming into my life and changing things for the better. For making me want to be a better person and to work hard so you can be proud of me.

Lee: When is your next book coming out? 

Tianna: The next book in the Eros Sisters Series will be out in March of 2014!  

Lee: What would you like to say to your fans, because we sure do love you!

Tianna: Thank you so much for showing interest in my work. I love hearing from you so if you ever want to chat... feel free to contact me at!!   

You can check "Symphoni" out here at Amazon:

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