Friday, January 29, 2016

Fears and Scars Release!

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Book Two in The Steamborn Series

There are old wounds in the forgotten places of the world, and some are soaked in blood.

Jacob and his allies flee into the Deadlands after the fall of Ancora. Charles, the enigmatic smith, hopes to find answers in the desert city of Bollwerk that could prevent a war.

Their enemies are many, and here Jacob will learn the cost of life in the Deadlands. 

Releases to other platforms on February 2nd.
Pre-order from Smashwords - 

Book One in The Steamborn Series
 Available now


Book Three in The Steamborn Series

Exclusive iBooks release date of March 22nd, 2016.

Meet the author, Eric R. Asher

Eric is a former bookseller, guitarist, and comic seller currently living in Saint Louis, Missouri. A lifelong enthusiast of books, music, toys, and games, he discovered a love for the written word after being dragged to the library by his parents at a young age. When he is not writing, you can usually find him reading, gaming, or buried beneath a small avalanche of Transformers.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Title: A Beholden Heart
Author: M.L. Steinbrunn
Genre: YA/NA Romance
Release Date: January 15, 2016
Have you ever looked around at your life and thought to yourself, this can’t be what the universe had planned for me?
This thought enters my brain…Every. Single. Day.
I have no clue what I’m supposed to be doing, but this isn’t it.
I don’t want extraordinary. I’ve never wanted extraordinary. I just want normal…whatever that is.
When I enrolled in Middleton High School, I was just looking to find some resemblance to the typical high school experience.
Then I met Matt Rhodes. He lives the life of envy: popular, athletic, top of his class. Yet he wants none of it; he would gladly give it all up to gain back everything that he’s lost.
Together we will redefine normal.

"This is my first book of 2016 and the bar has been set high indeed for those that follow. As I write this at 430AM with tears streaming down my face, I know that this book has taken my heart and changed it."- 5 Star Goodreads Review

“Thanks so much for sharing the book with me ML Steinbrunn. Thank you for the laughs, friendships and living life to the fullest. This book truly was a real inspiration …” - 4.5 Star Review Four Chicks Flipping Pages
(Special thanks to Four Chicks Flipping Pages)
(Special thanks to Dani Rene Author)
My name is M.L. Steinbrunn and I am a young adult and contemporary romance author. My work includes the popular Redemption Series and a young adult series, which includes my new release, A Beholden Heart. 
In addition to writing, I work full-time as a high school educator and coach in rural Colorado where my husband and I are raising our four young children. Through education I have enjoyed guiding others on their paths and helping students build their own stories. After countless evenings of discussing story ideas, it was my husband who encouraged me to follow my own path of self-publishing.
I want to send a huge thank you to those who have been overwhelmingly supportive of this journey. 
--M.L. Steinbrunn

Monday, January 11, 2016

Title: Shots Fired
Author: Stacy Green
Series: Delta Detectives 
Release date: January 18
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Cage Foster is finishing up a long shift as a criminal investigator for the Adams County, Mississippi's Sheriff department. He's eager to go home to his fiancé and new baby when a report of shots fired at a friend's historical antebellum home changes everything.

When Cage arrives at Magnolia House, he discovers a victim on the front lawn and realizes his friends are still trapped inside. A domestic dispute between two guests has gone horribly wrong, and the hostage negotiation team won't arrive before the situation explodes.

With time running out, Cage must sneak into the house through the long forgotten tunnel once used to shuttle slaves back and forth. Once inside, his only hope is a surprise attack, but the old house has tricks of its own. 

Will Cage be able to save his friends, or will he become yet another victim of a furious husband hellbent on punishment?

**The Shots Fired novella was originally a part of the Protect and Serve anthology.  The Re-release of this book includes new added scenes. ** 

Stacy Green is the author of the Lucy Kendall thriller series and the Delta Crossroads mystery trilogy. ALL GOOD DEEDS (Lucy Kendall #1) won a bronze medal for mystery and thriller at the 2015 IPPY Awards. TIN GOD (Delta Crossroads #1) was runner-up for best mystery/thriller at the 2013 Kindle Book Awards. Stacy has a love of thrillers and crime fiction, and she is always looking for the next dark and twisted novel to enjoy. She started her career in journalism before becoming a stay at home mother and rediscovering her love of writing. She lives in Iowa with her husband and daughter and their three spoiled fur babies. Stacy loves to hear from readers! Visit her website at, or Facebook at

Stacy Green, Award Winning and Best Selling Mystery and Suspense Author

2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medalist for Best Mystery/Thriller (Ebook)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spotlight on Paul Alan

Spotlight on 

Paul Alan

Rules only squash the creative writing process for this

I need the freedom to write in a narrative that will make an entertaining read. And while writing, I visually TRY to play out the story in my head as if I were planning to make a movie. Maybe this has something to do with my days back in film school.

Felt like a zombie typing in the darkness when I wrote Giants of Mars. And while posing in front of my keyboard in the middle of the night, mostly in a veil of sleep deprivation and insomnia, I kept reminding myself to carpe noctem.  (seize the night)

Regarding rule breaking, playing ball is not something my feisty rebellious nature can easily do.

Albeit, the righteousness streak running through my veins, I bear the weight of a heavy devil character whispering in my ear. This is what defines me as human; I am plagued with the duality of mankind.

Maybe I shouldn't care.

Society is full of sleepwalkers, hypnotized by their smart phones; the smart phone was the biggest social pacifier ever invented. I feel nobody really cares much about anything but kittens on Youtube. I feel people should read more books.


BORN: 1970’S
RACE: Human with Possible Genetic Alien Hybridization in DNA
RESIDENCE: Chicago, the USA’s Middle Coast

TWITTER: @1paulalan 

Don't forget to check out his webpage! 

And Don't forget to check out his Awesome books!

Rebel Lexis:
Jason Bjorn just wants to do his job and captain his ship, but when his employer—The Polaris Corporation—sends him on a trek across the wastelands of Earth where he encounters treachery, an ancient cult, and secrets that strike at the heart of Polaris’ control over the planet. 
Soon, fighting to stay alive is the least of his worries as he finds himself at the center of a conflict that could change everything with nobody on his side but SOFIA, the seductively independent operating system that runs his ship. 

             Giants of Mars:  


Giants of Mars: Science Fiction/Dystopian Masterpiece Pits Maverick Spaceship Captain against Seductive, Alluring & Possibly Deadly AI Computer System. Masterfully crafted by Paul Alan, the second volume in the celebrated new ‘Rings of Polaris’ series fuses sci-fi, dystopian fiction, action and erotica – in an adventure giving Arthur C. Clarke a run for his money.

Jason and Lexi, his SYN and lover, have become separated. Lexi is an AI computer system with human emotions. Jason is battling to escape his enemies and believes Lexi has been destroyed. Lexi thinks part of her brain isn’t functioning right since she can’t locate him, but suspects he has been killed. Jason’s child is growing inside her. She is on Mars in the Chameleon, Jason’s spaceship, and deadly giants are roaming around. In order to protect the child inside her, she takes control and enlists robots to guard the ship. Then a strange event occurs, and she must make dangerous decisions if part of Jason is to live on. 

There is also an AWESOME interview with this 
amazing man here: