Monday, September 9, 2013

Where were you when the world stopped turning that September day? ~Alan Jackson~

On this the 12th anniversary of the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon and a small field in Shanksville Pennsylvania we remember the heroes that rest in these places, pray for those who were left behind, and remember where we were  when America again lost her innocence.

I was at work that day, going through my normal routine, eating my normal breakfast not thinking that at that moment in a terrible attack people were crying and calling those they loved to say goodbye because they knew that these would be their last moments on earth.

When the news came over the radio I called my husband, my thoughts had turned to a family friend and relatively new father that worked in the towers themselves. I worried for his safety, for his life. My husband couldn't believe what I was telling him and turned on his radio himself. We hung up saying I love you. Our office TV was put onto the news station as the calls came flooding in inquiring about the safety of those that worked there and those that were traveling, our President and Vice President had been traveling overseas and my prayers turned to them. We were more than relieved to hear that they were all right. People asked about my husband because he often traveled to work in New York City, (he was supposed to be there that day, thankfully he wasn't). Our customers were so amazingly kind and the outreach from them was so touching.

I prayed as I saw each tower fall, for all those still trapped inside and for those they left behind. They were mothers, fathers, children all who had no idea that the world would change forever that day.

So today, please pause and think of those whose lives were changed by Sept 11, feeling lost, alone, and the incredible pain of losing their loved ones. Pause and pray for those that survived, the heroes, those that ran in to help others run out. Those that were lost while saving lives. Pray for the rescuers, and those that survive while their brothers and sisters in arms never came home. Pray for those that survive, those that remember, those that forget. Pray for our country, for all of those who live here, and those that protect us; our service people both at home and abroad. They give up their lives and answer the call to arms because freedom is not free, I am forever in their debt.

God bless those who died,
God Bless the heroes,
God Bless the survivors,
God bless the lost,
God Bless the suffering,
God bless all of us
God Bless America.

Please feel free to tell your story, post a prayer, a wish, a letter to your loved one...anything but please keep it respectful. 


  1. Love your Blog, and your post.. Beautiful and touching