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Wendy Nystrom, Amazing Children's Author!

I'm so proud to present this author! Meet the AMAZING Wendy Nystrom, she is one of my FAVORITE children's authors! In FACT these first few days of this month have some of my FAVORITE kid's authors. My daughter is a huge fan of the two authors I'll be featuring the next two days. 


All your stories are set in Iceland, is there special meaning for that country with you?

Yes, we lived in Akureyri, Iceland for 2 years. Living there changed my life and it where I began writing.  It is a relaxed society focused on family and the people. The Icelandic people were very kind to me and my family and welcomed us.

You must have studied this Iceland thoroughly to be so knowledgeable on all the history and 

mysteries of this country?  

 Most of what I picked up on the culture was while living there. Icelanders love to share their culture through conversations, books and events. Plus I have maintained many of my friendships I made while living there and I can easily contact them for information.  I highly recommend visiting the country and or read their sagas and books.

Now talking about your newest book, which of the Yule lads would you like to host year round?

This is a tough question. I don’t think they would want to stay with anyone all year round. Pretty close knit group of lads and they like their mountain home. They only clean up once a year in lake Myvatn and visit the cities, towns during Christmas.

Which yule lad can stay with James year round?  

 James would have to decide this. I think he would rather have Matt or Syvok stay year round instead.  

What was your favorite Yule Lad moment?

I like the moment when they are pulling stubby out of the cat door and they all tumble to the ground.

Your favorite James moment
(through the entire series)

My favorite moment is when Matthias the dragon shows up and James is always so excited that he cannot speak.

Does Helga represent anyone in your life?

I think she is a combination of people I know who like to bend the rules for the greater good.

Which character is drawn just like you envisioned?

Matthias the dragon

Which book cover do you like the best?

I wish I could reveal book 4 cover Amongst the Clouds that is my favorite. Tomfoolery is my favorite although I love the cover for James Saves the Moon that was done with my first illustrator.

Can we get a sneak peek of what's next for James and the gang?

Book 4 is called Amongst the Clouds. James and his pals will have an adventure after visiting a friend in an iridescent cloud. It is a grand adventure to help a wizard find her key so she can continue traveling to her conference. I bring all my characters from my previous books. It is super fun adventure.

Besides that are there any new projects?

I continue to work on my urban fantasy novel New Moon Brethren a secret society amongst us that just wants to protect all creatures on earth must battle the dark one who has accidentally created over 1000 years ago. Two more James and pals adventures in the works they are nearly done. James will be on vacation in the states and another Christmas story.

Now some quickfire questions:

Where were you born? St. Paul, MN

Favorite Holiday tradition? Watching It’s a Wonderful Life and playing board, dice or card games.

 Favorite song?  I like many songs I prefer rock like Supertramp, Bob Seger, Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company and many more.

 Favorite Holiday? All holidays have a special favorite. I guess it would be Halloween because it holiday that is all about fun.

Favorite color?  Purple

Favorite Author?  I read a lot and have many favorites. Anne McCaffrey, David Weber (honor Harrington series)Elizabeth Peters (Amerlia Peabody series) I love star wars books too, I think I have all of them in my collection adult , YA, teen.

Favorite Book? Books are reread are the authors I mentioned before. I do love the book Rowan my first book I read written by RIP Anne McCaffrey. The book I have that contains the Declaration of Independence, Federalists Papers and the Constitution.

Favorite Food? Gyro

Favorite Beverage? Coffee, lime flavored Perrier with a splash of cranberry juice. Sometimes I add a little vodka in the evenings

Favorite Snack? Salty snacks. I Love Doritos, but I do not eat them anymore

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Thank you for reading my books. Keep on reading and dreaming it is what changes the world.

Wendy has written 3 amazing books all set in Iceland!
The first one is James Saves The Moon

This is a magical tale about a young lad named James, who goes on a fantastical adventure to help free the moon! He meets a new friend named Syvok who lives in a pile of stones and together they journey along with my favorite character Matthias the dragon to where the moon is STUCK! It's such a beautifully crafted story full of whimsy and excitement! I love the pictures and the way they show us what's going on in the story. A must read for the young and young at heart!

The next fantastic tale is Helga Returns
I absolutely love Helga, she's grumpy gorgeous amazing and another of my favorite characters in the James and Syvok Universe. Yes Syvok and James are BACK in a second adventure! I absolutely loved the portal to the troll village.
This is another amazingly crafted tale! Helga is such a neat character I absolutely love her. 

 The third and most recent story is Tomfoolery and the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland!

In this 3rd installment of the James and Syvok series James meets the 13 yule lads of Iceland, they are some of the FUNNIEST characters I have EVER met! I personally like the funny names like spoonlicker and potlicker! Those two are FOREVER hungry AND messy! It's a great story for Christmastime or ANYTIME! My daughter and I were laughing through the whole story!

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