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Welcome the Extraordinary Eric Asher!

I'd like to welcome the Amazing Eric Asher to my blog. This is his first time here so I'm really excited to have him! He stopped by for a wonderful and interesting interview!

Tell us a little about your books?

Days Gone Bad - Damian gets a phone call from his sister where she reveals her plan to devour her entire ex-boyfriend’s wedding party. This would generally be considered a bad idea, so Damian offers to sabotage the wedding to keep his sister out of trouble. They aren’t exactly the most traditional of siblings, Sam being a vampire and Damian being a necromancer. Chaos ensues. Wolves and the River of Stone continues Damian’s story.

What is a necromancer?

According to Google, that would be an individual who engages in “the supposed practice of communicating with the dead.” Necromancers have long been associated with practitioners of the dark arts and are usually portrayed as villains in fantasy. Their abilities can vary greatly depending on the world you’re reading.

Why did you decide to write your books around this type of character?

I have always enjoyed seeing characters that are either anti-heroes, or have characteristics that would normally label them as a villain, doing unexpected things. There are necromancers in Damian’s world that are very much the villains, but there are also necromancers that are very much not.

Now explain to us what a worrible is they are highly sought after (still waiting to win one!) they are so darn adorable?

Worribles are the epic union of the art of Andrew Bell and Squishables. Andrew is an amazing artist, and Squishables, well, they’re squishy. I can’t get enough of them.

What inspired your books?

I wrote a short story based on a nightmare I had. That short story eventually grew into Days Gone Bad.

Who is your favorite character?

That’s like asking which child is your favorite while they’re all standing right in front of you! Focusing strictly on book two, Carter is definitely one of my favorites. He has a calm facade and is remarkably patient with his friends, but he can be violent and explosive in battle when he needs to be. Damian, Zola, Sam, and Foster are always at the top of the list too.

Which character is like you?

There are small pieces and quirks and personality traits I’m sure have been influenced by people I know, and myself, but no character is intentionally written to be like any one person.

Which character do you love to hate in your books?

 Philip is the character I love to hate. There’s a lot more to his story than what we’ve seen, and we just might have to visit that one day.

Which one is the most fun to write?

Foster is incredibly fun to write. He’s sarcastic and engages with Damian’s sense of humor very well, but he still has fairy tendencies that keep Damian on his toes.

What's coming next?

Book three. We’re aiming for late winter or early spring for the next release.

Do you have a specific set of conditions that get you in the writing zone?

Not particularly, but I do have my own little office in our house filled with things I enjoy, and occasionally hoard. Just outside the door is our reading nook that houses two barrister bookcases with signed and hard to find books by our favorite authors. It’s inspiring to me, having those books close by.

Who designed your beautiful covers?

The wonderful Claudia at Phatpuppy Art. Teresa Yeh did the photography and Bookish Brunette Designs did the typography.

Have any authors made a mark on your life?

In regards to expanding my love of the fantasy genre, I will always owe thanks to Robert Asprin for his Myth Adventures series. They are such a wonderful blend of humor and adventure that I loved when I was a kid. Northworld by David Drake single handedly turned me into a huge fan of military science fiction. C.S Friedman, Neil Gaiman, Patricia Briggs, and Tad Williams are also at the top of my list.

What would you like to say to your fans?

I would like them to know how much I appreciate them taking the time to read these books. Being able to share these stories with other people who enjoy them has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

Leo’s BBQ and Mama E’s Wings and Waffles in Oklahoma City

Dream Car?

’57 Chevy Bel Air (or Optimus Prime)

Dream Vacation?


Favorite book?

One? Pfff. Black Sun Rising by C.S. Friedman

Favorite author?

Currently Neil Gaiman

Favorite tradition?

Family gatherings around the holidays

Do you have your Christmas tree up?

Working on it!

Favorite song?

A lot of them.

Favorite music artist?

A lot of them.

Favorite movie?

The Crow

Check out Eric's Amazing books here:

My name is Damian Valdis Vesik. I am a necromancer, an ability feared and hated as much as the powers my master and I set ourselves against. We've vanquished many evils, but now something is releasing an old darkness, forcing us to hunt an enemy beyond anything I’ve faced before. I was already busy enough with vampires, fairies, witches, Watchers, weddings, and … damn, I need a vacation.

Philip, Zola’s boyfriend from one hundred and fifty years ago, is not nearly as dead as we thought. I really wish he was. Not only has he kidnapped Zola, but he’s raising an army to scour humanity from the earth. Hopefully the local werewolf pack will help. What could possibly go wrong?

You can catch up with Eric at his :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EricRAsher

Website: http://www.daysgonebad.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ericrasher

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