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Have you ever heard of Fae Books?

Well if you haven't you should! This is an AWESOME site for finding new books to read, reading reviews, getting your book reviewed, joining rafflecopters, learning about new authors and their works in progress the list of why this site rocks goes ON and ON! 

I had the privilege of interviewing the owner and CEO of this page Sarah Fae Graham from across the pond! She is an amazing lady I love her and I bet you will by the end of this interview!

What made you decide to start blogging? 

I was already a heavy reader and wanted to find something I could do, which was indoors, to occupy my time. Fae Books quickly took off and became my full time "job" so to speak. It's what I do, I spend my time doing things for Fae Books and I love it. I love that I've met some amazing people though the blog, and built a great team of girls, the Fae Books Team. These girls are now like one big family to me. They're much more than bloggers, authors and readers. They're great friends.

What made you choose the name Fae books? 

Well Fae is a nickname I have, so it stemmed from that really. I wanted something short and easy to remember so I went with Fae Books and it just stuck.

Tell us a little about you who is Sarah Fae?

Well, I'm 25, married, living in the UK and have two Bichon Frise dogs called Teddy and Trixie. I had two daughters too, sadly they passed away three and five years ago, but they're still very much a part of my everyday life. That's a story for another time though. I love tattoos, I'm literally covered in them. 27 at last count; two arm sleeves, two leg sleeves, stomach, back, chest, face, hands, fingers, feet and more. Lol. I really enjoy reading of course. I enjoy writing too, but my writing always comes last place to anything I'm doing for Fae Books, working with other authors and bloggers and promoting their work, I always prioritize that and I'm always happy to put that first because it's something I very much enjoy doing. I love running and organizing giveaways too, I especially like the big giveaways I do where I can get other people involved and help them to get some more promo and followers from it. It's a great opportunity to bring people in the online world together.

What is your biggest success, the thing that you believe changed your life?

I'd always say becoming a mother changed my life. It gave me an understanding of how tough it was at times for my own mother and brought us closer together as a result. Once you become a parent yourself, you understand what unconditional love is.
Other than that, my biggest success would definitely be Fae Books. It's something I put my all into almost a year ago and I've worked really hard to get Fae Books and everything that comes with it, the Reviewing Team, Tours etc, off the ground. It's a great thing, to be able to take so much enjoyment from something you do, and not something that one should be too quick to pass up in life. If you find something you really enjoy, stick at it and don't give up!

Not many know it but you offer free book reviews, that's amazing what made you decide to put together a team of reviewers to do this? 

I'm offered so many books to review, that I just don't have enough hours to be able to read and review them all. So I wanted to find some kind of compensation to the authors that I used to have to turn down. I've got a great group of about 20 girls on the team now (Lee Ryder is one!), and they all work amazingly hard for the team. We're all really close too. So now if I'm fully booked for reviews, I can still take them on for the girls on the team. It means the girls get great opportunities to read some of the latest, greatest and most interesting books around and it's a great way to help the authors out getting the honest reviews they need to progress. If you're interested in booking a review with the team, just head to this link for info on how the process works and a list of the info I need to process your review request:

What's YOUR favorite genre of book? 

I love horror, and pretty much anything involving the paranormal or fantasy, like magic. I use my reading to escape from daily life. So something fictional works great for me.

Do you write stories as well? 

I do, but my writing always comes last place in my life. Fae Books and helping others is my first priority at all times. I began the process of publishing my first book a few months ago, but I've not had a chance to go through the edits yet and finish it off. Luckily I'm not on any kind of deadline, so I'm not too worried. I don't do what I do to get rich, I do it for enjoyment only, so I take things in my stride as I go. If you'd like to add my book to your TBR list on Goodreads, here's my profile link, feel free to add me as a friend too!

What inspires you?

I take inspiration from so much in the world. The people I meet and am afforded the opportunity to work with, nature, people throughout history. I like to sit back and look at situations and I try my best to find the good in every situation and learn something from them.

If you could sit down with 3 people in history for a nice talk over dinner who would they be and why? 

Oh, hard to pick three, but here goes...
I think Bram Stoker would be one, the creator of Dracula as we know him today. Many of our modern vampire books wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Bram. He created some of the great myths surrounding these supernatural creatures.
My second would probably be Sherlock Holmes. I'd like a conversation with him, to understand how his mind ticks.
And my third... Hmm... Maybe J.K. Rowling.

If you could live in a different era what would it be and why?

My husband and I often have this conversation. We're convinced we were born in the wrong era. I'd love to experience life in medieval times, I think it'd give great inspiration and insight into how lucky we all are today. My husband is a Soldier, he says he'd like to experience being a soldier in those times, where you fight with armour and a sword. I'd also like to go back to the 1950s. I think that was a time, just after WWII, where neighbours appreciated each other and what they have more. People had to stick together in those times and love their neighbours. Being an Army Wife, I've experienced in some sense what it's like to need a good neighbour when your husband is away at war. I don't think many people these days can really appreciate how tough times of War can be, and how hard it is to get through. Having a great neighbour always helped me. And when her husband was deployed, we'd help with her shopping whilst she was pregnant, have morning cuppas together, or silly little things like staying in at her house for the gas man coming whilst she had appointments to be at, and just supporting each other in general. I think these are things that need to change in our world today. We should all learn to appreciate each other more.

What is your favorite book and why? 

I don't think I could ever choose a favourite (English spelling there lol) book. There are so many I've read and really enjoyed, I just couldn't choose one. But some of my favourite authors are Michelle Muto, JP Bernett and K.A. Young.

Your blog is BEAUTIFUL what made you decide on that look? 

Thanks, I personally think it's upside down right now. I've been meaning to completely do it over but just haven't had the chance yet. If there are any graphic designers out there that'd think they could offer a hand or any advice, I'm always open to advice. Lol. I like having the pinks and purples on the site as they're my favourite colours. But I will be redoing the blog at some point.

I know you are a very spiritual lady, tell us more about that.

I'm one of those that tries to believe everything happens for a reason. I was once told that the trials and tribulations I've been through, loosing both of my daughters, needing life saving surgery twice, my wheelchair, my health, are things that were all designed to educate me more. In the sense that, I can learn through my own experiences and use them to help others. I was told each time I've been on this earth, I've been set new challenges to make my spirit wiser and more educated, better able to reach out and help others in the world.

Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?

The best advice I could give would be: The right promotion is the toughest job. Promoting things at the right times, getting the right kind of responses from people. You'll learn what your own audience responds to and enjoys, and work to those strengths, because without an audience, we bloggers would be talking to ourselves. So appreciate the people that visit your blog, remember, they don't have to visit your blog every day, but some do. Life is a precious thing, so if someone is willing to make room in their life for the thing you enjoy doing in yours, be thankful for that.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans of your blog? 

A great big THANK YOU for supporting me in what I do, and the authors and bloggers that I'm lucky enough to work with. Your support means SO much to me, so, so much. Fae Books is my life, it's what I do, the first thing I do on a morning and the last thing I do before bed. Thanks for being around and taking the time out of your lives to visit the blog and see what's going on. If you'd ever like to see anything different, or a specific author featured, or if you'd like to be featured yourself, just use the Contact page to send me an email and I'll do my best to make it happen for you. I love you all!

Where were you born? 

I was born in a place called Gateshead, in England, UK. If anybody knows of the TV presenters Ant and Dec, they're from the same area, so I have the same accent as them. We're called Geordies. Lol. I now live in Newcastle after just moving here from Catterick Garrison, an Army Garrison in England. We lived there for several years after moving there for hubby to be closer to his job in the Army. Now that I'm back in Newcastle, me, my grandparents and my Mam all live off the same street. So it's great to be around my family again.

Favorite Holiday tradition? 

Halloween is our favourite holiday. We love to go all out for Halloween, we usually have a party at our house and the whole family come round dressed up, dogs included. But, I also love Christmas, I love cooking for my husband and making him his Christmas dinner. However, this year we're going to my Mam's, my grandparents will be coming round too, so we'll have the whole family together for the first time in ten years! It'll be great.

Favorite song? 

Oh I have a bunch of songs I love. Here are some of them, inc links to them on YouTube in case you'd like to listen. My music taste is extremely varied, from Opera and classical, to rock, dance, heavy metal. It all just depends what mood I'm in as to what I'll listen to, and if I'm in a singing mood (you can't really "sing" per se, to much heavy metal lol).

Song 1:
Tyr - Hold the Heathen Hammer High

Song 2:
Kate Winslet - What If

Song 3:
Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - It's Your Love

Song 4:
Lonestar - I'm Already There. I like this one because hubby used to play it to me when he had to go away with the Army.

Song 5:
Theory of a Deadman - Wait For Me. My wedding song, a song hubby played to be as he was ready to deploy to Afghan. We got married 3 weeks before he was due to deploy.

Favorite color? 

I love pinks and purples. I've recently got into liking red and so have gone with a red gothic theme in our new bedroom in our new flat.

Favorite Food?

I. Love. Cheese! Haha. I'm cheese mad. My favourite is extra strong cheddar. Other than cheese, we're big meat eaters in this house. We almost always have meat with every meal.

Favorite Beverage? 

I like coffee, of course, or energy drinks - they're all that keeps me going really. One of the illnesses I have comes hand in hand with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I always feel flat and fatigued which is why I use a lot of coffee and energy drinks, otherwise I'd just end up falling asleep. I also love a nice glass of whole milk. Lovely! I very rarely drink alcohol.

Favorite Snack? 

Oh, I love crumpets. I don't know if you eat crumpets in the US, but we English folk like them for breakfast, usually, though I'll eat them at any point when I'm a bit peckish (an English word, don't know if you use that in the US either, it just means "slightly hungry" lol).

Favorite vacation spot?

I've actually only ever been on vacation once, for a weekend, about 15 years ago. My Mam took me to Disneyland Paris as a child.

You see why I love this amazing gal! You should check out her blog down in her links! Don't forget to like her fb and friend her! She's AMAZING!!!

Sarah Fae's Links
Email: faebooks7(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. Ah thanks so much for having me Honey! I love you too! <3

  2. This was a wonderful interview! I learned a lot about Sarah Fae even though I had already been to her blog and corresponded with her. Well done! Thanks for this in-depth look at this very special person, who clearly has a lot more going on, great and sad, then we ever knew.