Friday, December 20, 2013

CM Wright is here Christmas Caroling with her Zombies

So tell us a little about you o zombie queen?

Well, I'm a mom of three boys (altho my oldest, Houston LeRay, died of SIDS at 25 days old) Bryson is 15 and Austin is 12. My hubby gained an incredible wife August 11, 2007. We both recently became the proud new owners of a Cafe, C-store, and Auto Repair shop in Skidmore, Mo which is called Ray's after my dad who passed away Nov 7, 2013. I have three brothers; Raymond (wife Katie and kids; Makayla and Alexander), Adam (wife Lisa and kids; Aiden, Lexus, and Lauren), and Roman (wife Candi and step-kids (kids); Justin, Geoffrey, and Aaron Alex and Allison) and a baby sister, Hope (husband Kevin and kids; Quinton and Trevor. My mom, Nancy and my other dad, Bob live close enough I can see them everyday if I we all didn't work. I'm, 37 and my birthday is September 27, 1976. (Is that enough? lol)

What can we expect to see on your house during the zombie apocalypse?

On my house? Probably layers of metal to cover the windows, and a HUGE banner on the roof saying, "See? Told ya so!"
What can we expect to see on your car during the zombie apocalypse?

On my car? "Zombie Queen, of course!" and lots of weapons

Weapon of choice?

Weapon of choice - I always prefer the guns, but some of my fans made some good points on why it's necessary to have quieter weapons. So maybe a baseball bat with spikes

Words of wisdom to survive?

Words of wisdom t survive (this is going to be deep, so pay attention!): Don't get bit, don't die.

What is next for you?

I have taken a break from the Zombie Overload Series, and have started my second zombie series, Zombie 101 series, which you can find the first chapter in Zombie Addiction - Multi-Author Short Story Collection (i believe they can also find someone with the initials L. R. in that collection too!)

What words of wisdom would you impart to aspiring authors?

If you want to write...then freaking DO IT! Publish it. No, not everyone is going to like it, that's a guarantee. But you just might be the next big name. You just might win awards and people just might be begging for more. How the hell are you going to know if you keep hiding your talent? And when you do get that bad review, and you will, read it. Look at it from a learning perspective. Maybe what they had to say had some truth in it. Your readers are also your teachers. But if they are just vicious, smile and pat yourself on the back. Obviously, you are a threat to another author. One more thing, don't let the frustration of trying to promote yourself make you give up. We've all been there, and there are a lot of us who would be more than happy to drop some names of people and group that would love to help you. Some of us also help other authors. I have an event on Facebook where I promote the hell out of authors. Friend and message me and here is the link to the event. All the details are in the description

What would you like to say to your fans?

God, what can I possibly say to my fans that I haven't already? My fans are truly the best. When my dad died, I had so many of them private message me just to see how I was doing...they still do! I've asked for donations for an auction that the proceeds will go towards the adoption of my sons by my hubby. I really didn't think anyone would care about an issue such as this, no matter how important and huge it is to my family. (We can't afford the high cost right now and have been trying for years, but something always seems to happen to prevent the adoptions.) But much to be surprise, donations have poured in. I admit, with every single one of them, I cry happy tears from feeling the love my fans and other authors have for me. It's incredible! My fans...ARE...the absolute best

And now for something completely different QUICK FIRE!!!!!!

Where were you born?

Winfield KS

What is your sign?


Favorite food?


Favorite vacation spot?


Dream vacation spot?


Dream house location?

Right Where I'm At

Favorite writing snack?

Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Favorite songs?

All of Pink's and Thriller

Favorite holiday song?

All I want for Christmas Is You

Favorite tradition?

Christmas eve, my hubby, boys and I get in our PJs, drive around looking at lights, come home and eat cookies and hot cocoa, sings Christmas songs, watch Christmas movies, and read Christmas Story from the Bible.

Favorite holiday treat?

Fudge my mom makes

Favorite treat?

Again Fudge My mom Makes

About this Amazing Gal:
Wife and mother who recently moved from Decatur, IL to outside Skidmore, MO. She loves all things zombie and is a huge fan of The Walking Dead.
She likes to laugh and make others laugh, so she does her best to bring that to her readers...for the Zombie Overload series anyway.
Eventually, she is planning to write about other creatures that go bump in the night.

Note from Author:
Thanks for taking the time to read my bio and extra thanks if you have read, or plan to read, my book(s). Lastly, please leave a review for ALL books that you read. Reviews are important to continuing book series, and other work, from writers you love.
I always answer emails, messages, and questions from fans. Don't believe me? Email me here

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  1. I love this interview.... Love ya CM!!

  2. This interview ROCKS! I love my Zombie Mommy and her books! <3

  3. Given that Tennessee is my home state, I'm glad that you love it enough to want to visit! <3