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Welcome Adam Gaffen

 Everyone say hello to Adam Gaffen! He is a remarkable author with a whole lot of talent! He stopped by and we had an awesome interview so check it out!

Tell us about your books

|Well there are four, at the moment. One is a collaboration with Richard Evans called The Kildaran (which is also  the name of my primary blog), based on the Paladin of Shadows series. But it's a huge book, and it really gave me the spur to really get writing. Next up is Refuge, a time-travelling vampire novel set in the very near future. And no, my vampires do NOT sparkle. The other two, Run Like Hell and A Deadly Quest, are the first two books in The Cassidy Chronicles and are set a century from now.

What is your favorite genre to write in?

Science Fiction, though I have done a couple pastiches of Sherlock Holmes and a wee bit of horror.

Are any of your characters in the books like you?

No, I haven't written myself into anything yet. Though I've written plenty of my friends in.

What is your next book?

Third book in The Cassidy Chronicles. The tentative title is A Desperate Gambit. It continues the story, obviously.

Can we get a sneak peek?

Sure, at the end of the interview, okay?

ABSOLUTELY! Do you need special conditions to write?

In a way, yes. I don't like quiet, but I don't like to be disturbed, if that makes any sense. I need some activity around me but not too much.

Are you a typer or longhand writer?

Typer. If you ever saw my handwriting you'd know why.

Who inspires you?

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and frequently does. There is no single person that inspires me, though.

Favorite authors?

How long can this be? Okay. Heinlein. Asimov. Weber. Ringo. Bradbury. Cussler. Asprin. Adams. Bryson. Stasheff. Gerrold. Um. Maybe I ought to stop there. One more – Stephen King.

Authors who influence your writing?

Robert Heinlein, mostly. Love his style, love the way he was able to take the most offbeat idea and make it totally plausible.

Favorite Holiday tradition?

Roasting almonds.

Is your christmas tree up?

Not yet!

Favorite color?


Favorite food?

A properly done steak.

Favorite writing snack?

Writing snack? Um. Not sure. Try not to eat and snack.

Favorite Song?

That's tough. So many good ones. Maybe “Fruitcakes” by Jimmy Buffett.

Favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere I can go to get away from things.

Favorite beverage?

Coke Zero

Favorite Holiday song?

“A Christmas Carol” by Tom Lehrer. Or maybe “Snoopy's Christmas”.

Favorite Holiday?


If you were a supernatural creature who would you be and why?

Hmm. Probably a Time Lord. Would love to see anywhere and anywhen.

Favorite books?

Job: A Comedy of Justice
by Robert Heinlein.

Favorite Movies?

Way too many to list.

Favorite TV Show?

Doctor Who, both the reincarnation and the original shows.

So, who wants to have a look into A Desperate Gambit?

Cass hadn't made the rendezvous.

It was a testament to her personality that the two professionals had actually obeyed her direction and departed for their hotel room, the secondary meeting point.

You're right,” Montana said at last. “She should be. She isn't. Yet. Don't give up on her, though. Maybe she's following another lead.”

Yeah, sure, like that's liable to happen, if she fetched out Lisa's husband, what did he do anyway, I don't think we every asked but I guess it doesn't matter now, he's a package deal, but maybe she got lost getting out or detained or there was some other problem and she came out right after we left, that would be horrible for her, she must think we deserted her!” Mac's speech tended to be very stream-of-consciousness; working around IT had stunted her social skills. Still, it was a positive sign that she was saying more than just two or three words.

For now, at least...

What did you say, about my husband?” asked Lisa from behind.

Montana answered before Mac could drown her in a torrent of words. “The records showed two rooms being used to hold you and your husband. We chose one room, Cass the other.”


That was unexpected.

Because you were in one and your husband in the other?”

Lisa's voice caught. “My husband's dead. Kaine's goons killed him.”

The transport screeched to a halt as Montana attempted to mash her foot through the floor.


He's dead!”

Shit, shit, shit!” Montana clenched the wheel for another moment, then forced herself to relax. “Mac.”

Yes, Montana?”

Hack back into HLC. I want video and audio taps on all their internal cameras, I don't care if they can trace it, and I want it before we get back to the hotel.”
On it.” For once, there were no questions.

 Wedding days are supposed to be memorable, but probably not like this. Not with an assassination attempt and fleeing your home and country for reasons you don't understand. But that's exactly what happens to Aiyana Cassidy. Now, she's on a quest to find out who's chasing her, what they want, and how she can stop them. Set a century from now, this novella is the first of the Cassidy Chronicles.

 A vintage case dug from the files of Dr. John Watson!

Cass and Ken are on the run, searching for a safe place to find the answers. Who is trying to kill them? What do they want? How does Cass' research tie into this?
The questions are harmless, but the answers might make this A Deadly Quest.
Volume 2 in The Cassidy Chronicles

Mysterious bronze orbs appear across the planet Earth. Where do they come from? Who sent them? What are they for? We might not like the answers...

A manuscript recently discovered in London records a previously unpublished adventure of Sherlock Holmes late in his career.

What would you do if you were...

...a vampire?
You'd try to escape. Where do you go when the whole human race is against you?
The future.
But beware - you might not like what you find.
And you can't go back.

Ben is an ordinary 12-year-old - school, friends, family. But tonight - tonight, everything could change.

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