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Welcome Ben Daniels!

Ben Daniels is a very awesome author who has a generous heart. He is the author of the Seventh Seal Saga and is a member of Ambrosia Arts Publishing.

My name is Benjamin Daniels. When I was seventeen I was in a life changing car accident which left me paralyzed. Over my time of being in a chair; I have had to ask myself questions and come to hard realizations. Through my entries you will find the questions I have asked and will ask you questions as well. Hopefully giving you insight to the world around me and question for yourself about the way things are. Trying to figure out the way the world works.

You will find entries anywhere from Life and Death to Love and loneliness. I hope you can find something which you can relate to and share my personal experience from a life not lived. Follow me in this journey through life asking the questions which we may never know the answers to. We are able to question the way we see everything around us.

Jahi's job is a seductress in Lilith's house of pleasure.She can see into their sexual fantasies And give them every sexual desire possible.

Jahi is special,she holds a power beyond just sexual pleasure.She can transform into whatever the
clients wish for.But what Jahi really wants is to fulfill her desires.

Prescott is her one and only desire,only one problem....He seems to not notice her... Or so she thought.

 Every year on Valentine's Day we hear about the stories of perfect love and complete happiness and romantic encounters of the erotic kind... We never hear about the dark side to love and what it can do to a person. True love and real passion can be a dangerous thing. After all, Love and Hate are the strongest emotions in the world and if a person isn’t careful one, can lead to the other. Inside of these pages you will find the stories of what can happen when love goes wrong.

 The gates of hell are open. Angels and Demons fight for our mortality and dominance of earth. The rapture diminishes the human population and very few remain to defend what God gave us. It is up to the angels to fight the war, the humans to survive and the druids to protect the earth.

Cole wants nothing more than to be left alone until the war is over and see who wins. He doesn't care for rules of any kind and least of all to choose a side. Fate however has different plans for him. His only friend is being held hostage by a demon with a plan to win the war and return the earth to what it once was. It is up to him to rescue her with the help of a fallen angel who comes to his aid to ensure his survival.

The druids are the only ones who can save his friend but have an agenda of their own. The demon is demented but has the best intentions for what she believes. Cole finds his self lusting after the fallen angel and must choose between her and saving his friend. The problem is that he doesn't know who he can trust to make sure everyone comes out alive.

Armageddon is here and where will our souls go; heaven, hell or return to the earth? The only thing known for sure is Cole will die to know the answer.

 Everyone has a past. Everyone has a secret. The only difference is a few will kill you. Vera is no different. She has lived a long life filled with many errors in judgment. Her past is coming back to catch up with her and leaving her with no option but to fight it. Will she have the strength to make it through?
Cole is hiding a secret too. His powers are growing. He doesn’t know who he is or how powerful he will become. He only knows what he has to do and he doesn’t want to. It is only his trust in Vera that he is able to continue on every day. Where will all of this lead to in discovering who he really is? Will he be able to come to terms with the answer?
Seth comes up missing. He is the catalyst which starts the down fall of it all. A wrong understanding on his part brought back a powerful adversary. It is the connection through a single point that everything must come to an end. Armageddon rages on, changing the world and bringing with it all of the Demons once thought dead and gone. Vera and Cole must save their own fallen solider when his past returns too.
The past catches everyone in a storm. There will be nothing left if Vera and Cole fail. Watch as the world burns and the Angels fall. Believe the reckoning that is coming within Exsilium


 Patches, a small but brave bear and only has one job; to protect the room from the closet monsters. One night a monster kidnaps his friend Puddles and takes him into the monster kingdom. Follow Patch in an adventure to get Puddles back.

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