Monday, November 4, 2013

On losing a friend

For Kori

Life is fleeting
we are but mere shells 
cocoons holding the 
bright and beautiful soul 
beneath the surface 
fluttering and stuttering
fighting and biting
until it breaks free 
shining and shimmering
glowing and gleaming
like a cascade of fireworks 
in amplified light as 
we fly to heaven to 
meet our Lord.

I lost a good friend today, in an instant one moment she would have been laughing and loving with her family. The next her spirit left her body. She was amazing and loved by so many people. She had a golden heart and an old soul. She was so special in so many ways. Life can be taken from us at any moment, not taken just called home to be with God. 
I'm a woman of faith, I follow God with the innocence of a child. Sometimes people ask where is God in all the things that happen that are evil. Where is God in death? Why do bad people live while good ones are taken so soon. I can't answer that for you, it is not my place to answer that. Once I heard a sermon about a weaver making a tapestry. Their child sat on the floor beneath the weaver's feet looking up at the knots and snags that were woven into the pattern. They asked, "Why do you keep weaving that when it is so ugly?"
The weaver stopped and smiled thoughtfully at the child and called them to sit on her lap. The child was astonished when they saw the beautiful design that had been intricately woven into the fabric. 

The weaver said, this is like God's plan for us. From here on Earth it is ugly, and seems pointless. Only when you get to heaven will you see the beautiful design created especially for you by God.