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J.K. Accinni

An Interview with the Amazing J.K. Accinni Author of the Species Series! 

One of my favorite Authors is J.K. Accinni She has written the Species series which is AH MAZING! It's one of those series where once you read one, you're hooked. She took the time to do an interview with me and answer the questions that are all on our minds! Check them out!

Synopsis : A gripping psychological thriller on the inherent greed and evil of man, dooming the planet. Two hundred years of tender love between man and alien, political downfalls, wanton violence of unspeakable order tempered with laughter, family loyalty and hope is the thrilling vehicle by which Ms. Accinni conveys her cautionary tale of the merciless disrespect man gives his planet and the vulnerable creatures entrusted to him. "Baby" introduces Netty, a naive teenage farm girl given in marriage to an older brutal opportunist disguised as a successful citizen during the years of Prohibition in Sussex County, New Jersey. After years of enslavement, Netty flees into the night from her rapist and bootlegger husband, traveling back to the farm worked by her parents, where she rescues an unfamiliar damaged creature she finds in a cave in the woods of her childhood, falling in love with the enigmatic alien she names Baby. Together they find happiness and fulfillment despite the changes to Netty's body wrought by the proximity of the unusual creature. Damaged by entry into our atmosphere while pregnant, the confused creature forgets the purpose of his mission, appearing unconcerned with the disappearance of his offspring and savoring the unexpected joy of the love he shares with young Netty. When a handsome Italian stranger comes into Netty's life, complications ensue as she falls in love while trying to hide the bizarre and wondrous changes to her farm and her body. Netty, Baby and Wil strive to conquer obstacles thrown in their path by life, succeeding wildly until the heart-rending and astonishingly brutal climax to their story. This charming, yet brutal story is the prologue to a series that will chill and surprise you as it foretells the selfishly destructive path man has followed since his species evolved. It pulls no punches while allowing Netty and Baby's influence to transcend mortal life as the world dances toward depraved indifference, introducing other characters along the ride that readers will laugh,shed tears with and learn to despise. What lengths will Baby and his offspring go to complete their mission? Will it spell Armageddon for the beleaguered planet with its vulnerable and exploited creatures or will man tip the scales himself, leaving those that love the creatures to salvage the pitiful ruins?

Lee :What inspired you to write the species series?

J.K. Accinni: I used to drive down the roads in my home state of New Jersey and see creatures smashed on the car congested roads, especially in our rural areas. Mother deer with their fawns a few feet way, torn in pieces by cars, racoons, squirrels, stray dogs, even a pair of red foxes, probably mates, both dead. I used to dream I could bring them back to life.

Lee: How did you conceive the creatures baby and echo?

J.K. Accinni: It wasn't easy. The artist of my Echo cover helped. The creature is irresistible. I tried to stay away from RT clones. I needed them to be fragile but powerful.

Lee: Are there any creature you could compare them to?

J.K. Accinni: As much as I tried to avoid it, ET and my minions have some characteristics in common.

Lee: What is your favorite book in the entire series?

J.K. Accinni: I love "Baby" and wish I had found him myself. But my favorite has to be "Hive." The sadistic Seth is so much fun to write and the dystopian scenes grabbed me. I could be so descriptive with blood, body fluids, and all the brutal aspects of horror.

Lee: Are you excited about the release of “The One”?

 J.K. Accinni: Oh yes. Although I am nervous about how fans will take the ending. I must defend it with the comments that I stuck true to life.

Lee : Will that be the last book in the series?

J.K. Accinni: Yes, I am afraid so. I could continue, even with the shocking ending but I have the fire in the belly to move on to other projects that have been sitting in my head screaming at me for not writing their story.

Lee: Any sneak peeks at future projects?

J.K. Accinni: Sure!!! My next release will be a two-parter that takes place in Charleston in the 1940. It will be an inter racial story of a street orphan and the mysterious pup she rescues from a deliberate drowning that takes its mother and littermates. They adventures will center on the orphan's search to find her mother.

Then I will release story of a burn victim that lays in a coma while a young girl discovers a forest dragon in the woods near her village. It will reveal the mysterious strength of our minds and our hearts.

Lee: When will “The One” be released?

J..K. Accinni: Hopefully, at the end of September.

Now a few personal questions

Lee: Do you listen to music when you write? What’s your favorite music to listen to?

J.K. Accinni: Nooooo, never! I need complete silence to stay focused.

Lee: Do you have a favorite author or genre you like to read?

J.K. Accinni: My all time favorite was Michael Crichton. I was crushed when he died. What an unbelievable talent we lost. Remember ER? That was him too. lol I also love to read real accounts from people that lived among wildlife in Africa. (Africa ownes me. lol)

Lee: What inspires you?

J.K. Accinni: The lives of my parents. My grandfather's farm is the site of Netty's farm in Sussex County. My dad is from the south with super stories of a bygone time. But the biggest inspiration is taken from my love of wildlife and my furbabies.

Lee: Do you have a pet peeve?

J.K. Accinni: Yes, but I can't. I will give you a hint. Do you remember the blind man that held the elephant's tail and thought he held a snake? Always suspend your judgement until all the facts are in.

Lee: Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

J.K. Accinni: I poured my heart into the series because it represented my passion. The story builds slowly until you get the message I am hoping to convey. I feel my mission is hopeless in this evil world we live in. The atrocities that are done to wildlife everyday in the name of money haunts my nightmares and would sicken you. This series was a way for me to exercise some of my pain. I hope readers will look at the pain we cause creatures we share this glorious planet with and take even a small action to stop their suffering.

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