Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On working on and Building my new book Shattered Hearts.

My new book Shattered Hearts will be out soon. It will follow Jess and Ian's story after they leave the camp of the grave dwellers. There are many things to come and you don't want to miss a thing! 
I began writing this story right after Broken Earth was published in the vacation time between Christmas and New years. Also during that time I wrote Christmas Magic which is a tale I wrote in the Broken Earth Universe. 

Shattered hearts will be the second book in the Broken Earth Series and I am super excited for it's release. I've been working closely with some awesome editors and cover artists on this project. I've learned a lot from book one and I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised with book two. It will be an emotional roller coaster for sure!

I also decided that until the release of the cover I would lower the price on Broken Earth to .99 from now until the 31 of  January! Don't be left out in the cold pick up your copy today! 

What's coming from me? That's a good question. I have a Circuspunk story being released soon as well as a New Adult paranormal story that I'm putting in a multi author work to be released later this year. I'm well into writing it and it's a doozie. There are some very talented authors working on this project so both books should be very good! 

If you are looking for more of my work look no further than Zombie Addiction which is another compilation of Zombie stories done by some awesome authors like CM Wright, Yours Truly, S Cu'anam Policar, and many more! Check it out! 

There's even more exciting news! Later this year I will be releasing a crime novel entitled Paradigm Of Betrayal and YES there is a third untitled work coming in the Broken Earth Series.

I'm super excited about all the new releases I have coming out. Thank you all for making this girl's dreams come true. My fans are so important to me. Please feel free to send any questions to and I'll get back to you!

Make sure you're following me everywhere for the big cover reveal! 

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