Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fabulosity reads Blog Hop

The beautiful Wendy Ewurum is hosting an awesome blog hop where we comment on one or two of the book covers she has displayed on her page. I chose: 

In The Beginning
by Abby L Vandiver

Abby L. Vandiver's In the Beginning book cover because I've always been a sucker for stories about the bible. I am a huge woman of faith and wonder what the apostles' lives really were like. I know that they were cast outs, they followed Jesus. But, how did they really live? What do we really know about them, their story, and their journey. What kinds of amazing things did they see? What did Jesus look like. What were people's reactions to them when they came to town. All of this has always intrigued me. 
The blurb talks about Jerusalem, present day and manuscripts held in clay pots.
Nowhere in the bible do they talk about Jesus' childhood except for his visit to the temple where he talked to the teachers. We know he worked alongside his father and learned to be a carpenter. Was he like other children, or was he different? Did he get into mischief like other children? Did he go to school? What did he learn? Did he find love? Did he have children?

It is speculated that yes, indeed Jesus did have children. Maybe that is what is inscribed in these scrolls. I'm typically a "cover girl." Which means, a book cover often pulls me in and makes me pick this book up, or click this book.  This cover drew me in, it's very typical of those that talk about the bible. It uses words from the bible. In the beginning...was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Those are the first words of the bible. I'm adding this one to my want to read list are you?

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by: Dianne Greenlay

I chose Quintspinner by Dianne Greenlay because the cover looks like it might be a pirate tale. I love the old ship in the background, and I've always been fascinated by pirates. We recently visited Salem Massachusetts, and yet again my interest was piqued. There were so many myths about pirates that they brought to light.
The girl on the cover has very interesting eyes, they draw you into the cover. The compass I think might be magical, like the one in Pirates of the Caribbean (which is one of my favorite movies)
The cover itself has many layers, the rocks, the ship, the girl, the compass. I may be missing more of it but I would buy this book for sure. It would make its rounds to my kids as well who love a good adventure story.
I can't wait to find out what the family secret is in the book and what the spinner ring is all about. The blurb itself draws me in and makes me want to buy this book even more. I'm always interested in adventure, magic, secrets, and pirates.

I'm adding this one to my to read list as well. You can add it to yours here:

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  1. Hi Lee,
    I'm dropping in from the blog hop. As a lover of history and archives, I agree that Abby's book sounds fascinating. I was also intrigued by Dianne's book. I think we got a lovely selection from Wendy didn't we? Hope you enjoy my post.

    Kate Books, Crafts and Pretty Things

  2. I agree, both books have absolutely intriguing storylines and I've got them on the TBR pile as well.
    Thanks for hosting the blog!!

  3. You know, I felt attracted to "In the Beginning" as well, but I didn't pick it for my own March Book Frenzy post, because it's only available in a Kindle edition. I don't like to read ebooks. For me, printed books are very, very special! I just need to hold a physical book in my hands. Reading a book on a machine just doesn't appeal to me. Blog posts I can deal with, but an entire book? No way! So I do hope that Ms. Vandiver will release this novel in a print edition later on. I definitely want to read it!!

    As for "Quintspinner", I picked it for my blog post. I love pirate tales, too! And the cover is really nice! Of course, I mentioned the paperback edition on my blog, and that's the one I'm going to buy!

    Thanks for participating in this AWESOME event! Happy hopping!! : )

  4. Hi Lee, thank you SO much for participating in our March Book Frenzy. I'm tickled to hear that you like the cover for Quintspinner and will be sure to pass that onto my cover designer, Derek Murphy. I loved reading your thoughts on Abby's cover and book. It is a beautiful blend of color and images. Very effective!

  5. Hey Lee i'm sorry to make it only now to your blog and read up on your fascinating comments on the covers. I love both your explanations and its so odd how similar our life and reading interests are. I hope you entered for a change to win. But if you dont, there will certainly be another one of these. I hope you will take part again. I just have to think of another blog activity that will be this interesting because i swear getting your thoughts on these covers was the best thing ever.