Monday, May 5, 2014

Meet the Awesome Becki Brannen!

I just had the privilege of reading Peregrine by the wonderful Becki Brannen! Needless to say I found YET another Book boyfriend! Stavros is hot hot hot! Here's my review of this amazing book! 

I'm not much of a romance person but when I read Peregrine I couldn't put it down. Becki Brannen's a writing genius. She really gets you into the head of her main character. I felt my heartstrings pulled at going on a honeymoon to mourn your lost loved one. Stavros' character was written brilliantly I loved his heart and his style. This is such a beautiful story amazingly written and I know I will be reading more of Becki's books.

Becki Brannen was born and raised in the South. She married her high school sweetheart and they have two daughters and a poodle, Sophie. She enjoys writing 'chick lit' with a Christian twist. Becki hopes that you enjoy reading her books in the Breathless series. While Peregrine is a definite departure, she still explores the characters' relationships with God. As for future books, there will be more to come soon!
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