Monday, July 14, 2014

Christmas in July Courtesy of Crystal Bozeman Clifton

Children's author Crystal Bozeman Clifton is sponsoring a Christmas in July Event! Who is this amazing lady?

 Crystal Clifton is married and has 4 children and 6 grand children and her Childrens Books are loosely based on them. She was raised in Dalhart Texas of which she still calls home and loves to visit it as much as possible. She currently resides in Michigan with her Son his wife and their daughter, she also has a home in Colbert,Georgia. Writing has always been a passion of Crystals and her mom told her one day it would bring her success. Crystal has been writing since she was about eleven years old. She wrote any where form poetry to plays and a couple of songs. She is a people person and has been told she never leaves a place without making a new friend.

Check out her Amazing Books!

Today is Jenny's special day. Early one Saturday morning, Jenny ran into the kitchen. "Mom, do you remember what today is?" she asked excitedly. "No. Is it a special day or something?" Mom answered smiling. Jenny's face fell into a sad face. "Today is my birthday, Mommy."

 Andy wants to give his mom a very special gift for Christmas and after watching his favorite movie he has decided as to what that gift will be. With the help of his Dad and a local store he accomplishes that very thing and makes Moms Christmas extra special along with his siblings Jenny, Suzy and Clayton.

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