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About the Author: 
Tracy Seiden is a writer residing in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. 'Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic', her first book of poetry and short verse, explores nature, love and heartache, and finding one's self. Her writing combines beautiful imagery and thoughtful musings on a life spent searching for a better understanding of the human connection. In 2013, Tracy began writing as a way to reconnect with old friends. A lover of deep conversation, she began to realize there were many others out there looking for a meaningful connection and true bonds to support and inspire one another. When she's not writing, Tracy spends her time planning future goals of living on a lake somewhere cool and writing her first novel.

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Stardust and Fire:Stardust and Fire, Tales of a Hopeful Romantic is Tracy's first book of poetry and free verse. It is a collection of pieces written over the past few years about love, loss, heartache and nature. It is a mixture of beautiful imagery and touching stories of self image and the process of moving through heartache and finding a new love. 
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Moon Kissed Musings: 
The title of this book, Moon Kissed Musings, not only invokes tales of trials and tribulations of the heart but brings a unique perspective to the table. According to Tracy Seiden, love takes an arduous journey through rhyme, free, and blank verse. The compositions of these poems provide manifestations of feelings via thoughts, via words onto paper, a conveyance of ordinary words pulling you into a myriad of emotions. This is prevalent in an excerpt of the piece Second Chances. "Her thoughts raced through the back roads of her memories kicking up dust and pebbles threatening to crack the windshield in her mind's eye. Her imagination ran wild, nearly unchecked frolicking through the past, present like some half wild five-year-old in a candy store." Seiden's work portrays a conflict between vulnerability and acceptance placing her within a world of complexities and uncertainties. Vivid pictures are painted throughout to create a literary mosaic. The reader will gain an understanding of an author that's bearing her soul, yearning for a happy ending and fulfillment.
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