Friday, February 17, 2017

Title: The Survival Pact
Author: Christy Sloat
Genre:  NA Dystopian/Paranormal

Publisher: CHBB

Editor: Cheree Castellanos
Cover Designer: Rue Volley

Three friends. One promise. One goal. Survive.
Kami thought she'd seen it all as a small time reporter for a New York Paper, but after hearing reports of the dead crawling from graves and attacking humans, she realized the world she once knew would never be the same again. Forced to flee the city, she heads south where her two best friends, Emma and Lou, reside in search of answers.
As a drunken joke ten years earlier, the three friends made a vow that if the world went to hell they’d survive it together, no matter what. With the pact now a reality, they are forced to face a never ending tidal wave of the dead, tornadoes, earthquakes, and massive storms with hundreds of miles to go. Along with their new dog, Snack, the girls get closer to their destination but no closer to the answers as to why their world is filled with such evil. Will their plan of survival keep them alive or will they drown in the sea of the dead?

** spoiler alert ** The Survival Pact by Christy Sloat is a gritty truthful account of what life might be like if there was a zombie apocalypse. The story starts with three best friends sitting by a fire drinking and making a pact between themselves that come what may, should the world end they would return to the cabin they were at and ride it out together.
How the get there is a whole other story full of excitement, twists, losses, and a little romance on the way.
The story is told in Kami's point of view and starts when she leaves her husband in New York. She's a journalist and an amazing character with a heck of a backstory. One thing is true though, come what may she's going to come through on her end of the pack.
This book is truly filled with moments that are incredibly sad, moments of realization, moments of conflict, and every single character definitely has a hero moment. These moments are woven together into a beautiful tapestry in only the way Christy Sloat knows how. It grabs the reader and draws them down a winding path that makes this book exceptionally hard to put down.
The Survival Pact is an incredible story of love, loyalty, and friendship that endures against all odds and I highly recommend it to all readers. I love the character's backstories, the different characters we meet along the way, and the cool places you get to visit in this book. It gives you a few tips for the end of the world too!
All and all a 5+ star read for anyone!

Christy Sloat resides in New Jersey with her husband, two daughters and her Chihuahua, Sophie. Christy has embraced the love of reading and writing since her youth and was inspired by her grandmother's loving support. She loves adventurous journeys with her friends and can be known to get lost inside a bookstore. She is the Best Selling author of ten novels including, The Visitors Series, The Past Lives Series and Slumber.
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