Thursday, November 15, 2018

It's Live! The much anticipated Sequel to Carnival of Darkness

It's live! The much anticipated Sequel to Carnival of  Darkness

Carnival of Lost Souls 

Fall deeper down the rabbit hole with the second book in the bestselling Carnival of Darkness series by award nominated author Lee Ryder with three more terrifying tales of evil to chill you to the bone.Carnivals can be places of great darkness, Lee Ryder takes it even further to the depths of hell and beyond. In the second installment of the Carnival of Darkness series you'll meet some new characters with stories that prove things found in shadows shouldn't be brought into the light.

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Carnival of Darkness 

The children all knew the old rhyme their Grandparents whispered to them at night....

Beware Ye the Carnival 
that comes in the night. 
Beware ye the evils hiding 
behind those bright lights. 
Beware ye, beware the 
hypnotic sounds 
of music and laughter 
and brightly painted clowns. 
Beware ye these strangers 
from a strange land, 
for no soul is safe 
at the carnival of the damned.

They heard the warning, yet every year at midnight on All Hallow's Eve the carnival rolls into town. They flock to its gates seeking thrills, chills, and something more sinister...
Do you dare enter the gates of the Carnival of Darkness?

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