Monday, October 28, 2013

On picture taking companies....sort of a rant but not really.

I just recently got my son's pictures done for his senior portrait, after having paid a 20.00 sitting fee which they had no idea that he could have one clothing change with and he had to inform them of that we waited patiently for the pictures. We got them today and for me it was a lackluster moment, none of his poses were really amazing and said buy me buy me. But my son is a senior and will have senior pictures.
For us it was quite a huge sticker shock! The cheapest package being 169.00 and only one of the 10+ poses that they used could be used.
The area I live in is economically depressed, many kids are not as fortunate as my son. How many of these kids will have the ability to have a senior portrait. There are families here struggling to put food on the table they can't afford such expensive things as these pictures. Even the school pictures are getting out of hand for priciness. I've taken to doing my own pictures of my kids because they are more natural and not so staged and sometimes with the fake smiles that are definitely not the smile of my kid.
My thoughts on this, picture companies should offer a payment plan or free photos for the kids that can't afford them. They make millions of dollars every year doing these pictures. So many people struggle here in our town, it's not compassionate nor is it right for them to come into towns like this where people are struggling to make ends meet and take money they don't have.
I will probably take my own pictures of him somewhere beautiful on a gorgeous day for his senior picture and he can use one of his canned pictures for the yearbook. (BTW they are 100.00 and he won't get it till next fall when he's not in high school)