Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The World has Changed

I'm way excited about the release of my new book Broken Earth next month. So I thought I'd do a little self interview to get you excited!

What inspired this book: 

Everything I write comes to me in my brain at the strangest moments, and if I don't write it down it's gone forever. So I always have a notebook next to me! The bible verse at the beginning of the book inspired me, JK Accini and the Hunger Games were also big inspirations (HUGE FAN OF JK ACCINI CHECK HER OUT!)

Who inspired Jess:

Jess is a combination of facets of myself, and facets of other characters I've read. She's tough but soft inside. She likes you to think you can't hurt her.

Who inspired Ian:

very self explanatory...Ian Somerhalder as a kid. I have a thing for Ian Somerhalder.

Who inspired Lucie:

 My 11 year old daughter. My daughter when she was young is Lucie EXACTLY.

What city is it in? You talk about the city:

 I like to think maybe NY or Chicago or Boston not sure which one. Any large city in the northeast could be the setting for Broken Earth.

The cemeteries, what about those?

 I'm a student of the supernatural so old cemeteries have a certain romance for me.

Who are your favorite authors:

Some of my favorite authors are Christy Sloat, J.K. Accinni, TM Scott, Brae Wyckoff, CM Wright,  Dean Koontz, and John Saul. There are so many though it would make it's own book.

What one book do you remember as a kid?

The Missing Person's League  by Frank Bonham this book is very much in the spirit of that book.

How about a little spoiler: 


It all began with a war. Not between countries, not even between Heaven and Earth but between humans and the earth. It started over a thousand years ago when our ancestors began using the Earth’s resources for industry. The industrial machine craved natural resources for years and years slowly depleting natural resources and causing us to become even more reliant on new resources and then depleting them and the cycle went on and on to where we are today.

Again I am so thrilled to be releasing my debut book Broken Earth. I hope you enjoy it!

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