Thursday, February 13, 2014

My dream Cast for Broken Earth and Shattered Hearts

Every author has a dream cast for their characters so I thought I would share mine 

The first character I'd like to introduce you to is Jess: 

 Jess is a survivor. She buried her family when the plagues took them. To be alone in this world you have to be tough and Jess is. In my mind I saw her as a cross between this young girl sans the makeup and dog collar and Jennifer Lawrence.

 Ian was always a younger version of Ian Somerhaulder. He is quietly strong and would do anything for Jess.


 The story of Lucie is a very unique one. I see her as my daughter at five years old. She's precocious witty and an old soul. 
This little girl looks much like my daughter did back then she is the embodiment of Lucie.


I have always been obsessed with the TV Show The Tribe. The character of Alice is my Mollie. She is also my favorite character in the book.
 She is strong willed, willing to fight for what she believes in. She's a shrewd trader and a loyal friend.


Jake Abel has been my muse for Ash. He's got a tough exterior but inside he's a marshmallow. (Especially with Lucie) He leads the gang and goes by the moniker of Rebel. He and Jess were friends in school before the plagues came. 


This guy reminded me very much of Bullitt
tall, well built, tough, not very smart, and loyal to a fault. 


Colin Morgan is my Max, he's got just that right bit of creeptasticness that brings his strange aura to life in the story. He's a strange person....but if you've lived your entire life in a mortuary what do you expect?


 Max's sister is Angel and when I saw the movie Twixt 
I decided that Elle Fanning was My Angel.   

Shattered Hearts introduces New Characters:


 Duchess is a former child entertainer. 
Now she runs the resort with a fair but firm hand.
She's elegant and definitely a girly girl.

Aaron is Duchess' younger brother. He has his finger on the pulse of the resort. He's the strong silent type. He is a talented musician like his sister, but he's happier in the background. He's got a huge heart and is compassionate but extremely protective of his sisters. 


Belle is Aaron's twin sister and they are as different as night and day. Belle is very jealous and covets what other people have. She's selfish and self centered inside while acting like a selfless southern belle on the outside. What will she bring to the and find out! 

Shattered Hearts is coming!
 Release day is just around the corner! 


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