Friday, February 28, 2014

Presenting Shattered Hearts

The world changed completely for Jess when her parents brother and sister are taken by an unknown wasting disease brought on by the spread of industry. She is left alone with other survivors to forge ahead into a new world where gangs and violence reign in the streets. Can Jess survive? You’ll have to read to find out.


Jess lost her family when the plagues came, but gained a new one when she married Ian. Pregnant with another man’s baby, Jess and her new family travel through the vast labyrinth of cemeteries searching for the Promised Land.
Surrounded by the unknown, will they get there before the baby arrives?

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About the Author

Lee Ryder is a mother of 3 children and one angel. She currently lives in New England. She started writing small works at an early age and was featured in local publications. She studied theater and vocal performance and was featured in several plays. She believes in love at first sight and married her soul mate at age 19. She also has read reviewed and edited other published works.

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