Monday, September 5, 2016

Review The Amber Project by JN Chaney


In 2157, a mysterious gas known as Variant spreads across the globe, killing or mutating most organic life. The surviving humans take refuge in an underground city, determined to return home. But after generations of failures and botched attempts, hope is beginning to dwindle. That is, until a young scientist makes a unique discovery—and everything changes. Suddenly, there’s reason to hope again, and it rests within a group of genetically engineered children that are both human and Variant. 

Terry is one of these children, modified and trained to endure the harsh conditions of a planet he cannot begin to understand. After years of preparation, Terry thinks he knows what to expect. But the reality is far stranger than anything he can imagine—and what he will become is far more dangerous. 

I walked into reading this book not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised by how amazing and wonderful a story JN Chaney weaves of friendship, love, loss, and loyalty. Society is living underground after a gas called Variant wiped out most of the human race. The main character Terry is being sent to school for the first time where he will meet some amazing friends. They're being trained to live on the surface and restore a new human race to it's former glory.

Chaney's characters are very well written and you find yourself drawn into the story so much so that you cannot put the book down! (I should know I finished it at 3AM). The plotline is very well planned and executed with incredible twists and turns that make you laugh, cry, and yell at the bad guys. (Yes I did this too.) It is truly a  wonderful and exciting read. I'm definitely going to make my way into book 2 Transient Echoes.

About the Author:

J. N. Chaney has a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and fancies himself quite the Super Mario Bros. fan. When he isn't writing or gaming, you can find him online at

He migrates often, but was last seen in Avon Park, FL. Any sightings should be reported, as they are rare.

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