Tuesday, December 20, 2016

10 Crazy Laws in the USA

10 Crazy Laws in The USA

1. No dwarf tossing in Florida, bar owners can be fined up to 1000.00 if they sponsor dwarf tossing competitions.

2. No eating people in Boise Idaho, unless you are in extreme circumstances where it's a matter of life and death

3. In Kalamazoo Michigan it is a felony to cheat on your spouse.

4. You may not wear a funny fake mustache in Alabama churches that would cause laughter in the church.

5. Only those that believe in God can run for office in Texas.

6. You are not allowed to swear in front of two or more people in Mississippi. You can spend 30 days in jail and be fined 100.00

7. No singing off key in North Carolina

8. In Massachusetts it's illegal to give Beer to hospital patients.

9. In Massachusetts snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are shut and locked (yes I looked this up it's nuts)

10. Roadkill may be taken home for supper in West Virginia.


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