Thursday, December 22, 2016

Books you should read at christmastime

Here are 3 books that make awesome Christmas reads for young and old

Tomfoolery and the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland


Thirteen Santas! How neat! Thinks James as he and Syvok set off on their third adventure. Little did he know the mischief these Yule Lads were capable of getting them all into. 

Join James, Syvok, thirteen Yule Lad's and, of course, Matthias as they cause a raucous, create laughs, and create a Yuletide that you and James will always remember.

My Review:

James is at it again! After a harrowing adventure with the Old Hag the Yule Lads come and stay with James in his bedroom at night! I can tell you he is a very patient host. The Yule Lads are noisy and messy, I'm particular to Pot Scraper, Spoon Licker, and Bowl Licker they remind me of my son who LOVES to eat and is skinny and tall. Tomfoolery and the 13 Yule Lads of Iceland is a story that is great fun, and had me laughing so hard. Wendy's done it again telling an amazing tale of friendship, love and of course Tomfoolery. If you have kids or if you're a kid at heart you're going to love this story!


Now, Waffles and Pancakes, along with their owners, are about to learn another lesson, A Lesson in The True Meaning of Christmas

Waffles and Pancakes are two hamsters from the same pet store that went to their new homes on the same day. They also happen to be the best of friends. In their first adventure, their owners became best friends, too. Together, the four learned the lesson of true friendship. In their second adventure, they learned how to handle bullies

When hurricane Sandy threatens to ruin Christmas, Danny, Griffin, Waffles and Pancakes gather their friends and try to find a way to help. Together, can they find a way to save Christmas? When Santa sees their act of kindness, what does he do to surprise them all? Find out when you read this heartwarming story of friendship and love.

My Review:
We are super Cindy Springsteen fans, each of her books tells a wonderful story with a great moral. This story particularly touched my heart with recent events in the world. It's so awesome to see a story about people helping people shared in such a unique and interesting way. I think this book should be in schools because it really teaches about the meaning and the reason for the season, as well as giving with an open and happy heart. The illustrations are so cool and Waffles and Pancakes look so cute in their hats! This is now one of my favorite Christmas Stories! I also read this to my daughter and she loved it too!


Illus. in full color. A wordless story. The pictures have "the hazy softness of air in snow. A little boy rushes out into the wintry day to build a snowman, which comes alive in his dreams that night. The experience is one that neither he nor young 'readers' will ever regret or forget."--(starred) Booklist.  

My Review:

This book is amazing, I loved reading the pictures to my children from a young age. They truly enjoyed this book and asked for it to be read to them over and over. 

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