Wednesday, December 21, 2016

10 Strange Christmas Customs (well strange to the US at least)

1. In South Africa, a delicacy eaten on Christmas is the deep fried Emperor Moth Caterpillars

2. Austrian Children are taught that if they're naughty Krampus will come and beat them with a stick. So you better be good!

3. On Christmas Eve in Norway they hide their brooms so they won't be stolen by witches or evil spirits.

4. In Greenland sometimes Kiviak is eaten...what is Kiviak? It is 500 Dead Auck birds stuffed in a seal skin and left to ferment for 7 months.

5. This one is one of my favorites, in Germany they hide a pickle on the Christmas tree and the first child to find it gets a small gift. 

6. In Portugal they have a beautiful tradition of eating a morning Christmas feast called Consoda where they lay places for deceased family members. What a great way to remember your loved ones!

7. In Ukraine you won't find ornaments, lights, and tinsel on their Christmas tree. You'll find a web and a spider. (Not for arachnophobes!)

8. Are you a Czech Republic woman looking to see if you will ever be wed? Just throw a shoe out of your door on Christmas and see if it lands with the toe pointing towards you. If it does you'll be married in the next year!

9.You better watch out for the Yule Cat prowling the hills in Iceland. If you don't have new clothes by Christmas Eve you're fair game for the Yule Cat and you'll be eaten! 

10. In Greece you better watch out for the Kallikantzaroi .They are a race of evil goblins who come to the surface and wreak havoc during the twelve days of Christmas.

Whether you have funny or special traditions, I hope that your holidays are filled with family, warmth, joy, and that the new year to come is filled with blessings big and small! 

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