Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lee Ryder Knows About the Nose

Ahh the winter months, time for cold weather and stuffy noses. Maybe your nose isn't filled with yucky stuff....maybe it's filled with facts! So for your entertainment here is a nose full of facts about the human nose.

10 Little known facts about the nose.

1. The human nose is the least sensitive of all of the human senses, it's true!

2. The inability to distinctly identify different scents is called Anosmia.

3. There is a distinctive decline in the sensitivity of the human olfactory system as you age.

4. People can detect more than 1 trillion different scents.

5. You can actually smell fear and disgust in people's sweat!

6. Women have a better sense of smell than men

7. Decreased smell sensitivity can signal the onset of parkinson's or alzheimer's disease.

8. Every single person has their own distinct scent and no two people's scents are the same! 

9. The oldest sense of smell in humans was called chemodetection.

10. The most pleasurable scents to human beings are cinnamon, vanilla, cookies, and crayons! 

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