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Knight with a Violin: A short story in the Unsuitable Bride Series Knight with a violin high res.jpg 

 A violinist with a mission When musician Bayard Pytchley’s childhood sweetheart is abducted, he sets aside his newly realized ambition of playing in the Florenz Theatre orchestra to rush to her rescue. A stroke of fate strands Bayard with a down-on-their-luck thespian troupe. Viviana Fairweather’s joie de vivre inspires him as only music did before. Despite his noble intentions, Bayard proves all too susceptible to the charms of the troupe’s beautiful leading actress. A free-spirited actress Viviana cannot imagine a more satisfying life than touring with her family and performing for ordinary folk in the towns and villages of rural England. But when violinist Bayard Pytchley joins their troupe temporarily, she realizes what she has been missing—a man to share her life and love. Caught between honor and love Viviana can’t help but admire the man for his loyalty. Yet, how will her shattered heart mend when he leaves the troupe to search for his first love? What’s a man of honor to do when he falls in love with the wrong woman?

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The Lady is Mine (Book 1)

The Lady is Mine high res copy.jpg

He needed a solution When an innocent carriage drive leads to a few stolen kisses and a hasty proposal, Lord Beldon must find a way out of a most inconvenient betrothal. Miss Harriet Vernon is not the tall, elegant lady he envisioned for his wife. His solution: invite her to his country home. He believes a fortnight with his quarrelsome family will send her running the other way. She had a plan Harriet is no happier with the situation. If only she hadn’t been so dazzled by Lord Beldon’s handsomeness and dazed by his kisses, she never would have agreed to his proposal. Marriage isn’t in her plans—she wants to travel and see the world. If she brings her ravishing younger sister to his country home, the beautiful pair is bound to fall in love, leaving Harriet free to pursue her goal. Unfortunately it wasn’t working . . . for either of them Harriet and Beldon can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, and with interfering families, hot pursuit by other candidates for their hands and a pantomime to perform, will these two misguided lovers ever discover they were meant for each other? "Sometimes what the mind thinks it wants, the heart will speak another language all it’s own, called love… " --Janalee Ruschhaupt, Love Romances website

The Lady in Question (Book 2)


A fateful toss of the dice Charlotte Treadwell is outraged when she learns her gaming-mad papa has just forfeited her in a game of hazard. Suddenly she is the “property” of Hugh Brooks, Earl of Rayfield, a rake and a gambler who couldn’t possibly understand that her passionate heart is taken up with helping those less fortunate than she. A perilous game of chance Rayfield must stop an aristocratic spy from inflicting the horrors of revolution upon England. How can he keep his mind on his duties when the tempting woman he has just won is the fiery daughter of his prime suspect? Love is the most dangerous gamble of all . . .

About the Author:


Judith lives on a historic pioneer farm in the verdant Pacific Northwest with her husband, daughter, two cats, some horses, and a dozen or so Collies. Ms Laik writes Regency-set historicals, and has also written two (so far) stories in the “When a Hero Comes Marching Home” World War II series. As Judy Laik, she is the author of a story in a historical anthology for middle-grade children, A Horse’s Tale, and a middle-grade book, Under Whose Influence?, as well as co-author of a book of quotations, Around the Circle Gently. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, the Beau Monde and Greater Seattle chapters or RWA, and Pacific Northwest Writers Association. Visit her Web site at

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